Waitress in disbelief over $2,021 find on customer's receipt

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A US juice bar worker has been left in shock after she discovered a $2,021 tip left by a customer on a bill that originally totalled just $71.84.

Miami Squeeze is a juice bar in North Miami Beach which like so many businesses was devastated by the coronavirus pandemic that continues to rage across the United States.

Juice bar Miami Squeeze 2021 tip
Juice bar Miami Squeeze received a jaw-dropping gesture of appreciation from a grateful customer to kick off 2021. Photo: Instagram/miamisqueeze

Like so many, they hoped 2021 would deliver slightly better fortune than its predecessor, but unlike many so far, that good fortune was realised almost as soon as the year ticked over and came bearing the name as well.

Owner Kelly Amar couldn’t believe her eyes on New Year’s Day when she picked up a customer’s bill of $71.84 (AUD$93.22) only to discover she had left a very apt $2,021 (AUD$2622.50) tip on top of the order.

Receipt for huge tip Miami squeeze 2021
The store was left gobsmacked after receiving this mammoth tip of $2021 from a customer. Photo: Instagram/miamisqueeze

Kelly told the Miami Herald that it was a regular customer who left the generous tip which they initially assumed was a mistake.

“We were not expecting this at all,” Amar said. “We said, ‘Are you sure?’ She said ‘Yes, thank you. I love this place, I’m so happy to do this for you.’ It was a really special moment.”

The tip was split evenly between the juice bar’s 22 employees, after a rough year which saw revenue half and some workers let go according to the Herald’s report.

Staff at Miami Squeeze
The tip was split between the business's 22 staff members. Photo: Instagram/miamisqueeze

The heartwarming gesture was also acknowledged in a touching message shared to the business’s Instagram.

“We can’t even begin to express how thankful and humble we are for our amazing customers who have kept us in business,” part of the message read. “Even though we are just a small juice bar we really pride ourselves in taking care of our guest, we’re not just in the food business we’re in the people business. We want to provide great food but even greater service. We always strive to make sure that everyone has a memorable experience here with us.”


They went on to acknowledge how special the gesture was on the back of such a difficult year.

“Last year was a tough year for everyone so we’re so grateful to be able to start this new year like this,” they wrote.

“We are so blessed to have a guest like these, who go above and beyond to support our small local business. This means so much to us and we couldn’t say thank you enough.”

Heartwarming story goes viral

The adorable story prompted a wave of responses from customers and internet users alike, who flooded the comment section.

“CONGRATULATIONS THAT’S GREAT.” an enthusiastic person commented. “Amazing way to start the new year...”

“This is amazing!” another agreed. “You guys deserved it [you] truly transformed Miami squeeze into the best.”

The story has also made headlines across the globe, as millions celebrate the simple, but touching gesture towards a better year ahead.

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