Wacky and Wonderful Couture Beauty Looks From Days Three and Four in Paris

There were wacky and wonderful beauty looks spotted on days three and four of the fall 2024 couture season in Paris. At Balenciaga, some models’ eyes had a plain black band across them while on others, the band also served to fasten oversized butterfly wings, in colors such as yellow, blue and black, to faces.

For Viktor & Rolf’s show, where couture with sharp angles and magnified volumes was spotlighted, coifs also came exaggerated, with plastered-down straight bangs and a patina-ed, wavy tress veering off from the top and side of heads, flag-like.

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At Jean Paul Gaultier by Nicolas Di Felice, the makeup look was mysterious, sometimes completely hidden below the fashion, which extruded up over some models’ faces. It was seen slightly through a swath of lace that ran above a model’s eyes. But what did come into clear view on occasion were delicately winged peepers.

In the last look at Julie de Libran, large metallic flowers were affixed on either side of a model’s head, pulling her center-parted hair down toward the back.

Red pigment spread over some models’ eyes and temples at Robert Wun, where big hats and umbrellas otherwise hid most faces. A similar hue also was used on faces at the Yuima Nakazato show, with one model appearing to have had hers splattered, along with her neck and décolleté.

It was four days of more high drama for makeup and hair, with fewer overall natural looks than noted over the past few couture seasons. This helped to make people dream in an otherwise complicated time.

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