From Viral Sprays To Versatile Liners, Introducing Tower 28's Latest Beauty Breakthrough

Tower 28, established in 2019, is renowned for its viral SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray. A hypochlorous spray that acts as an antimicrobial to kill off bacteria, speed up wound healing and repair damage on the skin. But just like people, the brand is more than just one thing.

The sensitive, skin-friendly beauty brand is expanding its award-winning multi-use liner collection. We spoke to the founder and CEO of Tower 28 for more insight, "Our OneLiners were an instant hit when they launched in 2022! Since then, we've been listening to our customers and learning about what additional shades the Tower 28 community has been eager to see" says Amy Liu.

The collection introduces three new inclusive shades: Taupey Brown "COLOR ME FINE," Muted Mauve "PAINT MY NUMBER" and Warm Rose "CHECK ME OUT."

As a makeup brand first, all of their products adhere to the National Eczema Association's guidelines, making everything in their collection clean and safe for sensitive skin. They have jumped through all the hoops and maintain an extensive no-no list, available to eliminate harmful ingredients that could impact anyone's health. Liu continues saying their products "comply with EU regulations (which ban over 1,300 ingredients in cosmetics compared to just 38 in the United States - shocking, right?), California Prop 65 and the Credo Beauty Standards."

Tower 28 gives off angelic holistic energy, making its products versatile and meant for multi-use, whether you are contouring your lips, defining your eyes or adding a pinch of color to the cheeks.

The highly anticipated $15 USD liners will be available for purchase starting June 23, both in-store at Sephora and on their website.

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