Viral optical illusion hand trick sends social media into a spin

A woman's crazy hand trick has gone viral. Photo: Getty
A woman's crazy hand trick has gone viral. Photo: Getty

A wacky hand illusion has once again gone viral after a woman shared a video of herself doing the optical trick – also known by social media users as the hand swap challenge.

Tori Pareno, an LA-based content creator, shared a video clip of herself doing the trick, telling followers it provided ‘something trippy for [their] night’.

The footage was created and first shared via the TikTok app, which allows users to create short videos of themselves on their mobile phones. It was later shared by Pareno on Twitter.

It shows Pareno performing the trick, which involves her interlacing her fingers a few times before one hand seemingly travels through the other.

What’s really going on

So far the clip has garnered over half a million likes on the platforms, plus hundreds of thousands of comments.

While it may look like clever editing, it is in fact a skilful hand trick which, went performed quickly, looks like magic.

A number of users have attempted to create the trick below, including one with an LED glove.

Widespread confusion

Others are completely stumped by the effect, and have instead taken to the platform to share their confusion.

This isn’t the first optical illusion to achieve viral status thanks to its ability to baffle internet users.

Earlier this year, a viral video of a group of motorcyclists seemingly driving into a river left internet users scratching their heads. It later became apparent the video actually showed the drivers moving beneath a water-logged bridge.

Then there was the black and white photo that looked as if it were in colour thanks to a clever “colour assimilation grid” illusion, which affects the way our eyes perceive the image.

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