Viral KitKat Trend Involving Unlikely Condiment May Have Just Inspired a New Flavor

KitKat candy bars

KitKat might soon try to ketch up with fans on TikTok by turning a bizarre internet snack trend into a reality.

In the wake of fans online recently making a trend of putting ketchup on the candy bars, KitKat and Heinz are truly considering partnering for a product that blends the two unlikely flavors.

The brands teased a possible collab in a new Instagram post shared earlier this week, where they gave fans a glimpse at what an actual ketchup-flavored KitKat would look like.

Packaged in red and black wrapping, the prototype for a "KitKat'Chup Flavor" bar appeared to feature dark red ketchup-flavored chocolate around the classic wafer filling that Kitkats are known for.

Instead of their usual slogan, "Have a break, Have a KitKat," the promo on the post read "Have a break, Have a Heinz."

"Even when it’s KitKat®, It Has to be Heinz," the brands captioned the Instagram post while asking fans, "Do we dare? 👀 🍫 🍅."

And users in the comments weren't shy to give their honest opinions on the possible new product, with many fans understandably hesitant about trying such a bizarre combo.

"🍫🍅? That's bold," one commenter wrote under the post while another begged, "Please tell me this is a late April fools day post."

"There’s still time to delete this," someone else quipped.

Another commenter wondered, "What did yall drink before posting this????"

But others were excited about the potential new flavor, including one user who declared, "The collab that we needed."

"wait… i kinda love it" someone else admitted, as another said, "I would be ALL over this!!"

"I NEED TO TRY THIS 😂" another fan exclaimed in the comments.

Someone else said the new combo would fuse their "2 favorite things together🤤🤤."

We're not sure if the KitKat'Chup bar idea will ever turn into a reality, but it's safe to say that many fans will be curious enough to try it.

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