The viral baby obsessed with the Four Seasons got to stay at the Orlando hotel

The viral baby obsessed with the Four Seasons got to stay at the Orlando hotel (TikTok/@fourseasons)
The viral baby obsessed with the Four Seasons got to stay at the Orlando hotel (TikTok/@fourseasons)

A baby who went viral on TikTok due to her excitement to go to the Four Seasons Orlando near Walt Disney World finally got to go and enjoy the luxury hotel.

The 13-month-old, whose name is Kate, is seen in a video eating a plate of a gold truffle pasta with her bare hands while dressed up in a tuxedo.

“Think it’s a yes on the gold truffle pasta,” Kate’s aunt, Stephanie O’Brien, captioned the clip, along with hashtags of the Four Seasons.

The video has already received over one million views, with many commenters expressing their excitement that the baby finally going to the place she was so excited about.

“Imagine being able to say you where an icon since birth, congrats four seasons Orlando baby,” one comment read.

Another comment agreed, writing, “queen has arrived at her natural habitat!!!!”

“Yesss 4 seasons baby has arrived to final destination!” a third commenter pointed out.

The hotel itself even made a video montage of Kate’s stay with her family. “Fully conscious and utterly fabulous at Four Seasons Orlando,” they captioned their TikTok.

The clip shows Kate being welcomed by a large number of hotel staff members as she wears a tiara and gets a spa treatment with robes and cucumbers on her eyes. Another clip shows Kate being fanned with palm tree fronds as she relaxes by the pool. There was even a big balloon sign that said, “Meee” to play on the joke from O’Brien’s original video.

The ad went on to receive over four million views with commenters being so excited about the viral baby making an appearance.

“Omg she made it to the four seasons Orlando!!!” one comment read.

“The most wholesome, yet iconic marketing,” another commenter pointed out.

Kate had first gained the nickname as the “Four Seasons baby” in a previous video Stephanie posted where a woman in the background had asked “I have a question for everybody. Who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?” Kate hilariously raised her hand and shouted “Me!”

The man holding her had also joined in on the joke as he chimed in agreeing with Kate. A toddler also made her way into the video, as she raised her hand and responded, “Me!”

O’Brien captioned her video at the time, “If the @Four Seasons Hotels is looking for a baby ambassador my niece got you.”

According to an interview Kate’s parents, Bailey and Will Wise, gave with Today, they weren’t really that surprised when she chimed in about wanting to go to the hotel, noting that she’s always been vocal, especially being around and watching her four-year-old sister Madelyn.

“That’s Kate’s personality,” Bailey explained to the outlet. “She certainly has a lot of tendencies to mimic Madelyn, whom she learns a lot from. From the day Kate was born... she’s been curious.”

“We don’t think much of it because Madelyn was vocal early on as well ... neither of them miss a beat,” she continued. However, despite Kate’s speech capabilities being normal for her age, she noted that her baby has a more in-depth grasp of more complicated topics. “For her age, she is very observant ... you can tell she’s attentive and listening and can follow cues about what’s going on when a topic grabs her interest.”