“The View” star Joy Behar gives Jennifer Lopez advice on publicizing relationships: 'Keep your mouth shut'

“The View” star Joy Behar gives Jennifer Lopez advice on publicizing relationships: 'Keep your mouth shut'

Sunny Hostin urged critics to "stop hating on true love" amid Lopez and Ben Affleck divorce rumors, while Ana Navarro called J.Lo the "Puerto Rican Liz Taylor."

The View star Joy Behar — who has experience with divorce herself — has offered Jennifer Lopez some advice when it comes to publicizing relationships amid rumors of J.Lo's potential divorce from husband Ben Affleck.

"Not that we want to gossip about people. We don't, because we're talking about a friend of the show," Behar said at the top of Friday's live broadcast, referencing speculation that Lopez and Affleck's marriage is over after they reportedly haven't been photographed together in public for over a month. "People are buzzing. That's all I have to say."

As the cohosts discussed the Hot Topic, Behar later observed that Lopez's commodification of her second go-round with Affleck — with whom she was previously in a relationship from 2002 to 2004 — might not have been the best move.

<p>ABC; John Shearer/Getty Images</p> Joy Behar, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

ABC; John Shearer/Getty Images

Joy Behar, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

"When you go around shouting your love from the rooftops, it gets tricky when things don't go well. My advice is keep your mouth shut," the 81-year-old said. "I don't even tell [my second husband] Steve I love him in public. I don't say it in private either, but still. Telling everybody how much you love each other and writing it on Instagram and on Facebook, and then you get a divorce and everybody says 'Oh, you see!?'"

Behar's words come after Lopez structured her most recent studio album, This Is Me... Now (and its subsequent narrative film, This Is Me... Now: A Love Story), around finding love with Affleck for the second time, which led to their 2022 wedding.

Legal expert Sunny Hostin, however, had some advice for critics of the couple.

"They are in love. The world's on fire. I just know it. What I don't like is, I know the world is on fire, but true love exists, it's still here," the panelist said. "They love each other. Stop hating on true love because maybe you don't have it in your life."

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Ana Navarro likened Lopez to another famous Hollywood star with notable relationship issues when she said that "Jennifer Lopez is like the Puerto Rican Liz Taylor," and speculated that "she's addicted to marriage, to love, to being part of a couple, to romance. She's wonderful for the marriage industry."

Entertainment Weekly has reached out to representatives for Lopez for comment.

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