'The View' Co-Hosts Give Sunny Hostin a Hard Time After Sherri Shepherd Thirsts Over Her Son

Sunny Hostin and Sherri Shepherd

Sunny Hostin took some ribbing from her fellow The View co-hosts after they saw the way that Sherri Shepherd had thirsted over Hostin’s 21-year-old son.

The teasing that occurred on the Wed., May 8 episode of The View was sparked by Hostin’s recent appearance on the comedian’s daytime talk show, Sherri. Hostin was discussing her daughter Paloma, 18, and son Gabriel, when an image of the 21-year-old sitting shirtless by a pool was projected onto the screen behind Hostin and Shepherd.

“Golly!” Shepherd, 57, joked as she explained that she’d assumed the show would display a photo of Gabriel as a kid. “Good grief!”

Hostin, 55, laughed awkwardly as she admitted, “He gets a lot of attention, as you can tell. A lot of female attention.”

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While Shepherd praised Gabriel as a “wonderful young man,” she later returned her attention to his physical qualities when another shirtless photo appeared onscreen behind her. She reminded Hostin that she is single and added, "I think he’s real hot, too.”

On Wednesday, Hostin and her co-hosts on The View were wrapping up a discussion about relationship age gaps in reference to the new movie The Idea of You when Joy Behar brought up Hostin’s appearance on Sherri.

“I was watching you on the Sherri Shepherd show, and she was like, out of her mind over your son,” Behar, 81, explained to their show’s audience. “What the heck was that about? The kid’s hot, but really?”

As an image from the Sherri episode in question was shown to their viewers, co-host Sara Haines questioned Hostin about the images of Gabriel that had popped up.

“What kind of pictures did you pick, Sunny?” Haines, 46, asked. “That’s your son.”

“I didn’t even pick those,” Hostin said in her own defense. "Those were pictures of his 21st birthday when we were in Spain.”

Behar turned the group’s attention back to Shepherd’s reaction. “Sherri was like, ‘Whoa, he is fine,’” Behar recalled.

Hostin said she is “used to that with him,” but appeared embarrassed as she covered her face with one hand and shook her head, laughing.

Whoopi Goldberg then asked Hostin how she would feel if Shepherd took action. “So you’re OK if Sherri calls him?” Goldberg, 68, wondered.

Still shaking her head and laughing, Hostin quickly shut down the idea. “Oh God, no,” she said.

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