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Luke Newton: What You Don’t Know About MeHearst Owned

Luke Newton is having his leading man moment. The 31-year-old is this season’s romantic lead in Bridgerton, eventually [spoiler alert] falling for his best friend, Penelope, played by Nicola Coughlan. At the start of the season, Colin returns to the Ton having had something of a heartthrob makeover, but we soon learn he’s not as mature as he thinks.

Talking about the new season for our series, What You Don’t Know About Me, he says: “It’s the rollercoaster you and I didn’t expect. Colin comes back at the start of season three, and it feels like he’s had the experiences he wanted on his travels, and he’s come back as a man – to some extent.”

Newton very nearly didn’t go down the route of television at all, previously pursuing a career in the theatre, and specifically, musicals. “I’d love to take the opportunity to thank my parents for all the theatre classes and experiences that I’ve ever had,” he shares. “I feel like I’m having a real moment now of reflecting on that and appreciating that.” He was eventually scouted during an amateur performance in Brighton, and the rest is history.

It’s no surprise then that if he wasn’t an actor, he’d still be performing, albeit with a microphone in hand as a singer, having previously done musicals before hitting the big time on Bridgerton. “I’d love to say [I’d be a] footballer,” the Brighton FC fan declares. “But I’ve never had the skills for that. It would be a cool lifestyle though.”

While inconsiderate people make him angry, when it comes to what makes him happiest, it’s an incredibly simple formula: “Being around my friends and family, my loved ones…” he shares. “And whenever Brighton wins a football game.”

When he’s not acting, he likes gaming, but he won’t describe it as a guilty pleasure. “I love it. It’s a good way for me and my best friends to communicate, playing together online” he says. “I haven’t actually gotten to play in a while so maybe I’ll log on after today!”

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