Victoria Justice Got Real About Her "Uncomfortable" Experience Filming Her First Sex Scene

You know Victoria Justice from plenty of things, including the Nickelodeon shows Zoey 101 and Victorious.

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So, Victoria recently wrapped production on the upcoming film Depravity — and it turns out that the gig involved her filming a sex scene for the first time.

Victoria Justice poses in a denim jacket and Prada top at a media event
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During a recent appearance on the SiriusXM show SiriusXM Hits 1 LA with Tony Fly & Symon, Victoria got real about how the experience was for her.

“My first day on set, though, I had my first ever sex scene," she recalled, "which was like, I'm like, ‘Really guys? We're gonna schedule this for the first day? Cool. Thanks for that.’”

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Victoria went on to describe the experience of filming the scene as "uncomfortable," and that she was "really nervous" about it.

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"I was actually very, very nervous about it and totally anxious about the entire situation, and I was like, ‘Did I make the wrong choice? I don't know if I should do this.’”

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“I think sometimes people think, like, filming sex scenes or anything like an intimate scene that it's like really sexy…[but] there's a bunch of random dudes in the room breathing and watching you.”

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But Victoria also said that she had a lot of "faith and trust" in the film's director, Paul Tamasy — which went a long way in helping her feel more comfortable.

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"He made me feel very comfortable about it," she said, "and he was like, ‘Listen, I'll show it to you beforehand. If you don't like it, we'll change it, whatever.’”

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Victoria also had praise for her scene partner. “We barely knew each other because it was the first day of filming," she said, "but he was a super nice guy and made me feel very safe and was very polite and respectful, so it went well, and it's very tasteful.”

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You can watch the full interview clip here.