VB launches fragrance – but will you smell like a brewery?

Loyal fans of Victoria’s most iconic beer can now take their passion for the famous beverage to a new level.

Budget friendly Victoria Bitter, sometimes colloquially referred to as Very Best, has launched a fragrance.

The cherished Aussie brand announced the launch of its perfume, Thirst, on Thursday.

“Introducing Thirst. A Scent by VB,” the company shared in a post to Facebook, telling diehard fans its “perfume people” had used some puzzling language to describe it.

“The perfume people told us ‘Bitter citrus notes give way to floral spice and sweet hoppy accents’,” VB’s post read.

“We don’t really know what this means either. We think it smells great.”

VB thirst men's perfume. Source: Victoria Bitter/Chemist Warehouse
Dedicated fans can now wear VB without having to drink it. Source: Victoria Bitter/Chemist Warehouse

Hundreds of excited fans were quick to celebrate the news, with many tagging their mates in the post.

“Smell good, feel good. I'm ordering a bottle now,” one person wrote in a seemingly sarcastic comment.

Another used the opportunity to break some news to his friend, telling them: “this wouldn’t make a difference for you, you already smell like it 24/7”.

Several others said they would be purchasing a bottle and gifting it for Father’s Day, while many argued against the bottle needing a special occasion to be celebrated.

“Imagine how many birds this would attract?! Like a hot chip all the seagulls chase after,” one optimistic man wrote.

Someone else thought the product would come in handy when looking to get away with “smelling like a brewery”.

“Next time you and Dave rock up to a brewing exhibition and are accused of smelling like a brewery you can tell him ‘it’s Thirst, by VB’,” one man wrote, tagging a friend.

The picture on the left shows VB beer being poured into a glass. Right: A man sprays perfume on his face.Source: Getty Images
Hundreds celebrated the launch of Thirst after it was announced on Thursday. Source: Getty Images

“Better off just tipping a pint of the very best over your head for the same result,” another said.

The 75ml bottle of perfume claims to be “the essence of hard work” and suitable for hours “between dusk and dawn”.

It will undoubtedly appeal to its bargain hunting fanbase, retailing for just $24.99 at Chemist Warehouse.

According to its Facebook post, Thirst will be available until it sells out.

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