'Devastated': The Veronicas' Lisa reveals heartbreaking pregnancy news

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The Veronicas' Lisa Origliasso has revealed the heartbreaking news that she had recently fallen pregnant, but the pregnancy was soon revealed by doctors to be ectopic.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the singer revealed she and her husband Logan Huffman had been over the moon when they found out they were expecting their first child, but after noticing some bleeding, they went to the doctor where they found out the egg had implanted outside of the uterus.

Lisa Origliasso of the Veronicas with her husband Logan Huffman
Lisa Origliasso of the Veronicas has revealed the heartbreaking story of how she and her husband Logan Huffman found out she was suffering an ectopic pregnancy. Photo: Getty

Normally, during an ectopic pregnancy, the fertilised egg implants in a Fallopian tube. A fertilised egg cannot survive outside of the uterus and becomes life threatening for the mother if left to grow.

"A month ago all of our dreams seem to have come true. We'd found out I had fallen pregnant," Lisa wrote.

"We were in tears of happiness and excitement. As a couple we always had an understanding to a certain extent of the miracle of life, how it is strong and fragile all at once. But now we truly appreciate that from our own experience. Sometimes pain can bring about the greatest growth."

She wrote that she didn't believe the first pregnancy test she took, so tried another three times and they all came back positive. Lisa surprised Logan with the news, saying, "We cried, laughed and held on to each other in pure excitement that we were going to starting a great journey."

Lisa Origliasso shares ectopic pregnancy story on Instagram
Lisa took to Instagram Stories to share her experience from finding out she was pregnant to being told it was an ectopic pregnancy. Photo: Getty

The couple spent the next two weeks dreaming of their little family. However, when Lisa began experiencing bleeding that was only becoming heavier, her heart sank.

"I knew something was wrong," she wrote.

The couple visited the doctor, who was concerned and immediately sent her to the emergency room for tests and an ultrasound.

"At the hospital my blood work showed I was pregnant, my lining was strong, and my body was preparing a baby.

"But during [the] ultrasound they couldn't find any sign of the baby anywhere. Sent home with a 'likely miscarriage' diagnosis, we were devastated."

A week later, they found out Lisa hadn't miscarried and with renewed hope they they booked in for another ultrasound. But during this ultrasound they were told what they "feared most".

"It was in fact, an ectopic pregnancy. And I needed urgent medical attention to prevent it from becoming critical. I was immediately admitted to hospital. Sometimes in life no matter which way we step, not matter what choice we make, we're destined to hurt," she said.

While Lisa was told she was one of the "really unlucky ones", she couldn't "see that as truth" because while it had been some of the darkest times the couple had faced, it had "also been some of the happiest".

"The miracle of life is a fragile dance and sure, there's a little bit of luck involved and hard truths along the way... but it's how we choose to keep growing through these broken branches... reaching towards the sun in our darkest hours that proves to ourselves just how strong we really are," Lisa wrote.

She added that she and Logan wanted to share their story in order to bring more awareness and support to experiences like theirs.

"You are not alone. Do not feel ashamed or blame yourself for things you cannot control.

"Life is a perpetual journey of ups and downs, it's not perfect. I am not perfect. I don't want to pretend to be. My pregnancy journey was not perfect. And that is okay."

She continued, saying she knows that one day she and Logan will have a family, adding, "But it just wouldn't feel right to share the good news in the future, without paying respect, love and bringing awareness to the heartbreaking journey so many women and couples face every day.

"If this story makes one less woman feel alone, then that to me is worth it. We must be kind to ourselves and each other. Sometimes we have to crawl through the shadows to really appreciate what it is to stand in the sun."

For support on ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth and newborn death you can visit Sands.

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