The Project hosts grill Veronicas over plane incident

The Veronicas spoke about being kicked off a domestic flight on The Project. Photo: Ten

Aussie pop duo The Veronicas have been speaking to their lawyers after they were removed from a domestic Qantas flight earlier this week.

Sisters, Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, were asked to leave over an ‘incredibly intimidating and confusing’ cabin baggage dispute that involved the Australian Federal Police, and they told The Project on Tuesday night that they still have not been given a reason why they were marched off.

“We’ve contacted Qantas four times now and we still don’t have a reason why we were removed from the flight,” Jess said.

For their part, Qantas explained at the time of the incident that the pair refused to follow the cabin crew's instructions and were ‘offloaded’ before the plane took off.

So what actually happened?

The Veronicas recounted the incident as starting when they were asked by a female flight attendant to rearrange their cabin bags in the overhead locker. Lisa asked for help in doing this and the attendant reportedly said it was against company policy to do so and later returned with a supervisor who said the same thing.

When the singers asked for the two Qantas employees’ names, they claim they were not given them and were instead told that security would be called, and from that point, the sisters started filming.

Seeming a little skeptical about how such a simple request escalated into having the police called on board, The Project hosts took turns grilling The Veronicas on the details.

The Project hosts had a few pointed questions. Photo: Ten

Interesting timing

Given they’re about to debut a new reality TV show, host Tommy Little asked if the incident was all a publicity stunt.

“This is a legal matter, not a publicity stunt,” Jess said in response, with Lisa adding that she “doesn't think it helps [the show] at all”.

Waleed then jumped in and asked why the pair had shared an edited version of their phone footage and whether they’d be prepared to share the unedited version.

“We actually can’t do that because it’s a legal matter now,” Lisa said.

“But you can share the edited version? Is that what your lawyers have told you?” Waleed probed back.

Confused by the question, they then clarified that they would “absolutely” be prepared to share the unedited footage “if it doesn’t implicate with any legal standing”.

However, an hour after that interview was recorded, Waleed told the audience, “[The Veronicas]’s management has since gotten back to us and confirmed they won’t be providing [the unedited footage] to The Project for legal reasons, which I think is a shame because if we could see it it would help prove or disprove the story”.

Lisa (left) and Jessica Origliasso of the The Veronicas were kicked off a Qantas plane following an argument. Source: AAP

Conflicting reports

At the time of the incident, the Australian Federal Police told AAP that officers came on board amid an argument between the two passengers and staff before the women agreed to disembark, with no further issues.

Releasing a statement on Instagram after leaving the flight, The Veronicas said, “The details reported are false and in conflict with video recorded during the event and witness accounts from the flight”.

“The incident was escalated without explanation why from the cabin staff. We co-operated with all requests from authorities and exited the aircraft.”

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