'My heart was ripped out': The Veronicas' Jess opens up about 'tough time' after break-up

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Jess opened up about the creative process behind their new single. Photo: Build Series Sydney

The Veronicas’ Jess Origliasso has revealed “getting her heart ripped out” inspired the rocker duo’s latest single.

Speaking to Build Series Sydney, Jess opened up about exorcising some demons in the recording studio and letting it all out in the music.

She opened up about how a messy relationship breakdown was used as inspiration when the sisters came together to write their upcoming album after an extended hiatus.

“We took a few years to just to live life for a minute,” she revealed.

The sisters came together after a hiatus. Photo: Instagram/lisa_veronica

“Then we came back into the studio to just do writing and we sort of really indulged in our emotions...”

“This song, being one of the first ones written, was written off the back of me going through a particularly tough time of a break-up.”

A telling glance between the sisters reinforced the difficulty weathered by Jess in the past.

The sisters shared a knowing look. Photo: Build Series Sydney

Jess split from former girlfriend Ruby Rose 12 months ago following a very public falling out, and has formerly dated Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan and guitarist Josh Katz.

Sister Lisa ironically enough was gearing up for her wedding to actor Logan Huffman at the time.

Never shy of speaking honestly, the sisters joked openly about the strange juxtaposition of their situations at the time.

“Nobody wants to hear the happy love songs, let’s be real,” Lisa joked, a statement Jess followed up.

“Well it was like ‘do we write about you getting married or do we write about me getting my heart ripped out?’” she joked. “Heart getting ripped out, people are here for that.”

“People love the pain,” Lisa agreed.

On a more serious note, Lisa spoke about how the music was cathartic for the pair, particularly her sister at the time.

“...For us it’s taking something like that and putting it into a place of feeling, sort of more empowered by putting it into our music,” she said.

“And that's in itself a way to deal with… such a hard time.”

The Veronicas’ latest single is called Think Of Me.

The sisters got together to write the album in the midst of heartbreak and happiness. Photo: Getty Images

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