'So crazy': Vera Wang, 71, responds to viral sports bra snap

Penny Burfitt
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Vera Wang, 71, is known for her stunning designer wedding gowns, but after a scantily-clad Instagram photo went viral this year, she got attention for something else: her incredible figure.

In May, almost two months before her birthday, the fashion icon posted a photo of herself wearing only a sports bra and a pair of white shorts, posed to show off a white hair clip.

Vera Wang, 71, wears sports bra draws praise thin figure
Vera made waves in this jaw-dropping fitness snap. Photo: Instagram/verawang

The image quickly spread across the internet with many expressing total disbelief at Wang’s age.

Then in June, the day before her birthday, Wang posted another photo of herself wearing a sports bra and leggings, eliciting another round of awe.

Vera Wang poses in green active wear
Another snap of the 71-year-old looking fit and fierce just stoked the flames. Photo: Instagram/verawang

This week the designer opened up about the photo that kicked off the buzz for the first time, and she says the secret to her ageless looks is one part exercise, one part sleep, one part fun.

“Sleep is a very big part and certainly vodka,” she told People. “Because I mean, it's just so great to be able to unwind with a cocktail."


Of the hype and attention paid to her body, she said she found it ‘so crazy’.

Vera said that having gotten used to life behind the scenes while dressing celebrities on the red carpet or working at Vogue as an editor in the 1970s, she found the experience of her own form being under the microscope disconcerting.

Vera Wang poses in front of fire looks age-defying
Vera says being scrutinised on a personal level was an unusual experience for her. Photo: Instagram/verawang

“...I always thought of myself as somebody who, in all fairness, was the creator and not the subject matter,” she revealed. So it was sort of shocking. I can't lie to you."

Since the viral post, Wang has continued showing off her show-stopping body, by dressing up as Cher on Halloween. “Wishing you all a very Cher Halloween!” Wang wrote on Instagram, calling the singer “an American icon.”

“A new COVID style celebration, but a celebration nonetheless,” she added.

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