Are There Vegan Options On Pizza Hut's Menu?

People eating Pizza Hut food
People eating Pizza Hut food - Pizza Hut / Facebook

As more people learn about the health and environmental benefits of plant-based food, the demand for vegan options has been steadily on the rise. But just because people are trying to steer clear of meat and dairy doesn't mean they don't want the occasional slice of pizza. As such, many pizzerias have begun to accommodate this by offering vegetarian and vegan options. Even Pizza Hut — one of the biggest cheese users in the world — has something vegans can enjoy.

While Pizza Hut doesn't yet offer non-dairy cheese on its pizzas, you can order your favorite pie sans cheese, which works as a vegan option since the restaurant's dough is dairy-free. Although this is a pretty basic adaptation for vegans (or those with dairy sensitivities), it does allow you to get that saucy Pizza Hut taste without having to consume any dairy.

As for its actual innovations, Pizza Hut collaborated with Beyond Meat in 2020 to develop an exclusive plant-based sausage pizza topper, making it the first national pizza chain to offer plant-based protein. For those with severe dietary restrictions, however, it's worth noting that vegan and vegetarian meals are made with the same tools as the chain's non-vegan fare, so cross-contamination can occur.

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Pizza Hut Doesn't Offer Plant-Based Pepperoni Yet

Crumbled sausage on pizza
Crumbled sausage on pizza - Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock

Although ordering a vegan pizza from Pizza Hut requires some major concessions, there are plenty of tasty things for vegetarians to enjoy. For those who consume dairy products, several pizzas, appetizers, and desserts fall under the vegetarian category, including Breadsticks, Cheesesticks, Cinnamon Sticks, and Cinnabon Mini Cinnamon Rolls. Additionally, Pizza Hut's exclusive Beyond Meat sausage was formerly included on the Beyond Italian Sausage pizza and the Great Beyond Pizza, a version topped with plant-based sausage crumbles, red onions, and banana peppers. Unfortunately, these pizzas were only available for a limited time.

In 2021, Beyond Meat and Pizza Hut announced that they would once again collaborate, this time to create a plant-based pepperoni pizza. Shortly after, however, Beyond Meat's future with Pizza Hut was potentially in jeopardy when the alternative meat manufacturer struggled to find a worthy meat substitute for the beloved pizza topping. While plant-based pepperoni has yet to make it out of the testing phase in America, in late 2023, Pizza Huts across the U.K. started carrying the much-anticipated pie.

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