Abbie Chatfield fumes over ‘wasteful’ act

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Abbie Chatfield has called out “wasteful” PR packages. Picture: NCA NewsWire / David Clark

Abbie Chatfield has gone on an epic rant about PR and influencer marketing companies.

The former reality TV star turned host urged companies to stop sending useless PR packages, calling them “wasteful” and “bad for the environment”.

“Stop sending giant PR boxes with perishable items in them, with every single colour of a concealer, with a million different bikinis, in these giant boxes with other additional merch that no one wants or uses,” Chatfield said in a video posted on TikTok.

“It isn’t good for you as a brand, it doesn’t work in terms of sales, seeing an unboxing anymore, it is not 2019.”

Chatfield’s stance garnered support from her TikTok followers. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Glenn Campbell

The popular podcast host, who has more than 433,000 TikTok followers, said her biggest issue with the practice was that it was bad for the environment.

“I’m left with piles of rubbish every single week,” she said.

“I got a PO box to avoid this, and all that’s happened, is that these things keep coming in.”

Chatfield said while she was grateful for the gifts, she requested items to be sent with minimal packaging

“It’s so bad for the environment,” she said.

“I can’t do anything with a giant cardboard box or a giant plastic box that is branded with a giant brand across the top of it, a fast fashion brand that I never even communicated with.”

Chatfield also queried how the company was obtaining her home address.

“It doesn’t work, it’s bad for the environment, it’s wasteful,” she continued.

“Please just send minimal stuff.”

Chatfield’s appeal garnered support from her followers, including Heartbreak High star Chloé Hayden, who agreed with her.

“The ones that bug me the most are MASSIVE extravagant plastic kitchy boxes that hold exactly one item,” she wrote.

Another follower, who said they worked in PR, pointed out that it was “tricky” because the package needed to be “interesting enough to cut through and be shared.”

Chatfield responded to the comment in a later video, where she maintained her position that it wasn’t an effective marketing strategy.

Chatfield is known for being an outspoken infleuncer. Picture: Supplied
Chatfield is known for being an outspoken infleuncer. Picture: Supplied

“I genuinely don’t think it’s interesting or is being received well any longer,” she said.

Chatfield said a lot of PR boxes didn’t have anything to do with the product itself.

“Why is a skincare brand sending workout tights?” she said.

“My other issue is that I don’t think anyone has ever seen a PR haul and bought a product from seeing its packaging

“Maybe they have, but they would have had to already know the brand, and being like, oh, that product’s out now.”

Chatfield said getting “authentic reviews”, sending the products to the right market, paying influencers or brand parties and launches were a better idea.

“I think that works better, in terms of your consumers and in terms of your budgets,” she advised.