Used Tic Tac Cases Are Perfect For Cute And Compact Spice Containers

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Do you love both Tic Tacs and kitchen hacks? You've come to the right place. As a fan of these perfectly pocket-sized candies, you probably have a few containers lying around -- or perhaps even have a whole junk drawer full of them. Well, it's time to put them to good use because used Tic Tac cases make cute and compact spice containers.

Tic Tac-sized spice containers come in handy more often than you'd think. We've searched social media platforms and pulled from our own experience to understand exactly how. As a bulk shopper explains on Reddit, "I like to buy my spices from the bulk bins so they come in little bags. This would work really well for me!" And on another Reddit thread, one user asked about the best way to carry spices while camping. The first recommendation? "Empty Tic Tac cases." Plus, if you're a minimalist or have limited kitchen space, Tic Tac cases can easily be up-cycled. And lastly, as a traveler with a taste for particular seasonings, I know firsthand that Tic Tac cases make excellent companions.

So... are you ready to Marie Kondo your spice drawer? If that's a yes, read on for step-by-step instructions on how to repurpose those used Tic Tac cases. And if you don't have Tic Tacs, but still love the idea, fear not. We have backup solutions to store those spices.

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How To Make Tic Tac Spice Containers

tic tac spices on wood
tic tac spices on wood - Reddit / Wundertips

If this food hack excites you and you've already gathered all your empty Tic Tac cases, you're halfway there. All that's left is prepping them for spice storage. Make sure to wash them thoroughly to remove any residual flavors. I mean, you wouldn't want your cumin to have a minty fresh aftertaste, would you? Soaking them in warm soapy water should do the trick, and will also make it easier to peel off the brand's sticker. After removing the Tic Tac label, give it an extra scrub to get rid of any stickiness.

Once dry, detach the lid and pour your desired spice inside. Replace the lid and get to labeling. Label makers create clean and uniform spice stickers, but permanent markers also get the job done. Of course, you could always forego labels and leave it to chance. But if you've got a sensitive palate, you'll probably want to avoid confusing cayenne for paprika.

Unless you're a Tic Tac fanatic, you probably won't be able to complete your spice rack in one go. Hey, more motivation to pop Tic Tacs and keep that breath minty fresh, right? But truth be told, Tic Tac cases work best for temporary or on-the-go storage since plastic spice containers have a limited shelf life. And if you're not a huge Tic Tac person, you can create similar spice cases with slightly different materials.

Similar Containers That Can Work For Spice Storage

magnetic spices on fridge
magnetic spices on fridge - Reddit / reztrek

Tic Tac cases aren't the only solution to storing spices. As one Reddit user points out, "You can buy interlocking plastic spice containers cheaper than Tic Tacs, plus no stray flavors in spices." These can be found at several large craft stores or online through Amazon, and the commenter is indeed correct about pricing. We've seen Tic Tac-esque containers costing less than 20 cents apiece. Some even come in sets with portable storage boxes. If there's a culinary emergency, you can grab all your spices and be out the door in seconds.

Other retail options come specifically designed for spices. Instead of a flip-top, these plastic storage cases come with a sliding tab and two pour options: Free pour or slow shaker. They also come color-coded so you can easily distinguish between spices.

For a completely different approach, one Reddit user suggested: "Store spices in magnetic paperclip holders and store them on your fridge." In reality, you can store these magnets anywhere they'll stick. Another Reddit commenter raved, "I have a set of these! Love em. My cabinets were metal so the ones above the stove were perfect." Of course, this hack works best if you keep these magnets in a cool, dark place as light can degrade the spices.

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