US Election: 'Confident' Jill Biden outshines 'lost' Melania Trump

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Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden outshone Melania Trump with her confident appearance on US election night, according to a body language expert.

Last night, Donald Trump’s 50-year-old wife, Melania, appeared alongside her husband in the East Room of the White House in Washington as he addressed the nation.

President Donald Trump pumps his fist after speaking in the East Room of the White House, early Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020, in Washington, as Vice President Mike Pence and first lady Melania Trump watch.
Melania Trump appeared beside Donald Trump in the White House. Photo: AAP

Then, hours later, 69-year-old Jill Biden was seen standing beside her husband, former Vice President Joe Biden, at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware.

While Melania donned a black pantsuit for the occasion, Jill could be seen in a pale pink coat, which she accessorised with black gloves and as a safety precaution amid the pandemic, a black mask.

Jill’s face mask was emblazoned with the rainbow-lettered words “Breathe Positivity’ on the side.

Body language expert and founder of New Reflections Maud Vanhoutte told Yahoo Lifestyle that Melania’s minimalistic look is a lot different to the unconventional outfit she wore during Trump’s first presidential bid in 2016, leaving her “almost unnoticeable”.


Jill Biden stood beside her husband Joe Biden on election night in 2020
Jill Biden stood beside her husband Joe Biden at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware. Photo: Getty Images

“Her body language is reinforcing the outfit’s effect as Melania appears shy and reserved, almost weak. She does not reflect a position of power as she did in 2016,” Maud said.

“Then, she was visible, present, her energy was glowing and her smile was sincere. Today it seems like she does not want to get any attention. Her apparition is very short, she is staying far behind her husband and does not offer much energy.”

According to Maud, the First Lady’s demeanour is completely different to how it was in 2016 when she was “walking with confidence”.

“The direction of her look is surprising and makes her appear lost, preoccupied or confused, she does not try to make eye contact with the audience,” Maud continued.

Maud did note that we can’t assume that Melania disagrees with her husband just by looking at her outfit and body language.

On the other hand, Maud claims Jill Biden’s body language has a completely different level of energy and her pink coat is making her more “approachable”.

Melania Trump in the East Room of The White House on election night 2020
Melania Trump wore a black pantsuit as Trump addressed the nation. Photo: AAP

“Jill Biden’s outfit is less traditional and more visible. The choice of a pastel pink coat is making Joe Biden's wife appear as approachable, warm, kind and dedicated to others,” Maud said.

“She is making it easy to identify. Her body language and energy are making her look more engaged and confident in the results. In that sense, she is acting more like Melania in 2016.”

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle earlier today, relationship expert and counselling psychotherapist Dr Karen Phillip said she believes Melania’s body language at the White House on election night “displays a disconnect from her husband”.

Jill Biden and Joe Biden on election night in 2020
Jill appeared wearing a pink coat matched with black gloves and a black face mask. Photo: Getty Images

“She often has her hands either clasped in front of her, folded across herself, or arms directly down by her side in a tight controlled and guarded manner,” she said.

‘There is no association toward her husband whatsoever. What we would like to see is her feet pointing toward him, her shoulders relaxed (they are not), her arms relaxed or freely moving without being held tight or with tension, which they have been for a long while now.”

Communication expert Elly Johnson agreed, saying Melania’s body position indicated she was “not feeling relaxed and she is conscious about how and where she should stand”.

“She looks neither happy or relaxed. This could be caused by nervousness due to the enormity of the situation or dread as she braces for what her husband is about to say,” she said.

Meanwhile, numerologist and psychic Sarah Yip, told Yahoo Lifestyle Melania seems “quietly happy, as if she knows something we don’t”.

“It’s more like the end of a saga for her – she’ll be relieved the election is almost over,” Sarah said.

“I feel she’s already thinking about what to do if Trump is not re-elected.”

According to Sarah, Melania is “naturally psychic and fiercely independent” and believes she and Donald Trump “want more peace and quiet, especially from March 2021”.

“I believe she genuinely cares for Trump but it can be a bit of a parent-child relationship at times, with Melania the parent figure keeping Trump feeling secure,” Sarah said.

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