US Election: Melania Trump's 'tense' White House appearance

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Melania Trump looked “tense” as she appeared alongside Donald Trump last night according to body language experts, who claim the First Lady was “bracing for what her husband was about to say”.

As the US election race continues, last night, Donald Trump took to the podium in the White House with his 50-year-old wife, Melania Trump by his side, who was seen wearing a black suit and hardly raising a smile.

First lady Melania Trump looks on as United States President Donald J. Trump makes a statement to the nation as his supporters look on in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC on Election Night
Melania Trump appeared alongside Donald Trump in the East Room of the White House in Washington on election night. Photo: AAP

The US President claimed victory despite millions of votes still being counted around the country and according to experts, Melania tried to disassociate herself from her 74-year-old husband.

“Melania Trump’s body language displays a disconnect from her husband. She often has her hands either clasped in front of her, folded across herself, or arms directly down by her side in a tight controlled and guarded manner,” relationship expert and counselling psychotherapist Dr Karen Phillip told Yahoo Lifestyle.

‘There is no association toward her husband whatsoever. What we would like to see is her feet pointing toward him, her shoulders relaxed (they are not), her arms relaxed or freely moving without being held tight or with tension, which they have been for a long while now.”


President Donald Trump speaks in the East Room of the White House early Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020, in Washington, as Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen and first lady Melania Trump listen.
Melania stood by Trump's side as he addressed the nation from the White House. Photo: AAP

Communication expert Elly Johnson agrees, saying Melania’s body position indicates she’s “not feeling relaxed and she is conscious about how and where she should stand”.

“She looks neither happy or relaxed. This could be caused by nervousness due to the enormity of the situation or dread as she braces for what her husband is about to say,” she said.

Matchsmith founder and body language expert Holly Bartter claims Melania appears very rigid during her appearance onstage, which is only enhanced by the serious black suit.

“Her eyes are fixed and focused ahead, but her mind seems to be elsewhere and preoccupied.

“Any smiles for the camera are brief and dropped quickly, and her jaw is fixed tightly. Melania may naturally be less expressive as a person, but her entire body language in these photos and video reads as ‘tense’ which makes sense given the heightened anxiety and adrenaline they would be running on,” Holly told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Melania Trump appears on stage at the White House with Donald Trump
Body language experts claim the First Lady looked 'tense' and was 'bracing for what her husband was about to say'. Photo: AAP
Mike pence, Donald Trump and Melania Trump on stage at the White House
Melania wore a black suit as she clapped with supporters of her husband, Donald Trump. Photo: AAP

Meanwhile, Dr Phillip says Donald Trump’s body language is also telling a story of its own.

“Donald Trump’s body language toward his wife is very tense, often balking as he approaches her stiff failure to respond toward him. We have seen for a while now her withdrawal of his attempt toward touching her or affection toward her,” she said.

“She is completely dissociated from him. Her recent speech was read parrot fashion without any congruence of reality and belief.

“While married by name, they do not display a cohesive connected bond whatsoever, in fact their disconnection is loud and obvious. Melania seems to barely tolerate Donald due to her position as first lady in name only.”

Meanwhile, numerologist and psychic Sarah Yip, told Yahoo Lifestyle Melania seems “quietly happy, as if she knows something we don’t”.

“It’s more like the end of a saga for her – she’ll be relieved the election is almost over,” Sarah said.

“I feel she’s already thinking about what to do if Trump is not re-elected.”

According to Sarah, Melania is “naturally psychic and fiercely independent” and believes she and Donald Trump “want more peace and quiet, especially from March 2021”.

“I believe she genuinely cares for Trump but it can be a bit of a parent-child relationship at times, with Melania the parent figure keeping Trump feeling secure,” Sarah said.

Melania’s appearance in the White House comes just hours after she was slammed for deciding to forgo wearing a mask while casting her vote in Florida.

First lady Melania Trump leaves after casting her vote at the Morton and Barbara Mandel Recreation Center polling place on November 03, 2020 in Palm Beach, Florida.  After a record-breaking early voting turnout, Americans head to the polls on the last day to cast their vote for incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.
Melania caused a stir yesterday when she chose to vote without wearing a mask in Florida. Photo: Getty Images

Melania was seen wearing a chain link dress to cast her vote at the Barbara Mandel Recreation Centre in Palm Beach close to President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort.

When the First Lady was asked why she didn't vote with the Republican president last week, the first lady told reporters: “It's election day so I wanted to come here to vote today for the election.”

Melania’s dress also caused controversy online, after many noticed the pattern was made up of horse bits - - an item of a horse's tack which controls the horses mouth.

Others also commented online saying they thought the pattern looked like ‘handcuffs’.

“We just saw Melania Trump wearing her dress to vote and it had handcuffs all over it,” one person tweeted. “They are in control.”

“I was going to tweet a joke about the chains on Melania's dress, but I'm sure someone beat me to it somewhere on here,” another person said.

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