Uncork’d Entertainment Acquires Documentary ‘The Mandela Effect Phenomenon’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Film distributor Uncork’d Entertainment has acquired the documentary “The Mandela Effect Phenomenon” from writer-director Robert Kiviat. Uncork’d plans a July 9 digital release.

The Mandela Effect refers to the psychological phenomenon of a group of people misremembering well-documented facts or events. Some take this a step further and assume their confusion stems from the truths of other realities entering their own. The phrase “Mandela Effect” was coined by paranormal researcher Fiona Broome, who in 2009, thought former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela had died in prison when he had been released in 1990.

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“The Mandela Effect Phenomenon” zeros in on those who believe the sensation stems from supernatural intervention. According to the official logline, the documentary claims “something mind-blowing is happening where half the world’s population swear reality’s been altered, like they come from another timeline. Millions claim movies are different, and TV show titles, celebrities’ names, logos and brands, other cultural touchstones and even the Bible itself are not what they once were. Is an incomprehensible or supernatural force somehow ‘editing’ history?”

“The Mandela Effect has made so many people want to know if reality itself has inexplicably been changed, and we show evidence that conclusively shows they’re not simply misremembering,” said Kiviat. “Whether it’s malicious advanced intelligence, or even the result of computer code glitches in a simulation Elon Musk says he’s certain we all live in, our team looks into all the possible causes.”

Kiviat serves as executive producer with Dame Lackaff producing. Keith Leopard, president of Uncork’d Entertainment, negotiated the deal with Kiviat on behalf of the filmmakers.

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