The Ultimate Ranking Of Frozen Waffles

Boxes of frozen waffles
Boxes of frozen waffles - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Some days, we wake up and choose health. Other days, we wake up and want the full bacon special with eggs, potatoes of all kinds, breads, and more. I think waffles are the happy medium within the breakfast world. They can be pretty healthy (depending on ingredients), while also offering a clear foundation for sumptuous additions -- whether those toppings are nutritious or indulgent. From sweet to savory, waffles should be considered the ultimate blank canvas for morning fuel and fun. Fruit, chocolate, and syrups abound!

With all of this in mind, I sought out an array of frozen waffle brands and types (I'm way too lazy to make waffles from scratch) to figure out which products are the best and which products should be avoided. From ingredients to taste to overall satisfaction, my guide will help you pick the perfect addition to your freezer and breakfast table. I think the results will surprise you. Grab your favorite topping, and let's get at it!

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10. 365 By Whole Foods Organic Homestyle Waffles

365 waffles box and waffle
365 waffles box and waffle - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Last on my list, and deservedly so, is 365 by Whole Foods Market's Organic Homestyle Waffles. These ones tasted very healthy in the worst way possible, but looking at the ingredients, they didn't seem all that natural. Yes, the majority of the ingredients were organic, but there were also a lot of preservatives and big words on that list, too. This came as a shock to me, knowing the brand.

In terms of taste, I had a hard time swallowing the only bite I took. There was no flavor, no sweet or savory profiles, just a wheat-heavy flavor that foodies don't exactly love. The texture was a little better, with a good crisp layer on the outside, but the inside of the waffle leaned dry.

Overall, these waffles were a hard no for me. These were the only waffles on my list I would absolutely never eat again, and that's saying a lot. Whole Foods, you need to do better -- way better.

9. Signature Select Homestyle Waffles

Signature Select Homestyle Waffles
Signature Select Homestyle Waffles - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Inching ahead and fairing better than the last place spot were Signature Select's Homestyle Waffles. Since they were a good source of calcium and iron -- didn't come with artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives -- the box was already a step ahead of Whole Foods.

However, that lead wasn't significant, as there was nothing special about the flavor of these waffles. To me, they tasted a little processed and unnatural, even though the front of the box said otherwise. There were some big words hiding in the ingredient list, too, but at the end of the day, these were just too bland for my palate.

The texture wasn't great either. These waffles weren't necessarily dry, but they didn't really crisp up in the toaster. The middle was a little soggy, even after more cooking time. At the end of the day, these just weren't great waffles. Keep reading.

8. Banza Homestyle Protein Waffles

Banza Homestyle Waffles
Banza Homestyle Waffles - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Up next were Banza's Protein Waffles, in the Homestyle flavor. This option boasts 10 grams of protein and only 24 carbs in two waffles. And did I mention that they were made from chickpeas? This gluten-free option is definitely one-of-a-kind, as it also features more unique ingredients, such as avocado oil, cane sugar, and pea protein, too.

I absolutely got the homestyle vibe from this one, but there wasn't a lot of flavor to be found. However, they didn't taste artificial, which was a huge plus, especially for people looking to find a healthier and protein-packed version of their favorite morning meal.

With all that said, these were pretty dry. They crisped up from the toaster along the outside edges. However, since they lacked even the slightest bit of moisture, you need to use a whole lot of syrup. This defeats the point of a health-conscious waffle. For this reason, I had to keep them lower on the list than most.

7. Great Value Homestyle Waffles

Great Value waffle and box
Great Value waffle and box - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Placing seventh and offering a budget-friendly option was Walmart's Great Value brand. I tried the company's Homestyle Waffles. While I can't say these are necessarily good for you -- with all the additives and preservatives in the ingredient list -- the box does boast that they are high in vitamins and minerals.

Regarding taste, I did not really know what to make of these. I found some weird fruity notes in them, but that was not necessarily a bad thing. They tasted almost candy-like, which was kind of unusual.

Its texture was the biggest fail. While the waffle itself was fluffy and soft, the interior leaned dry, making it another option you'd need a lot of syrup or additions to enjoy. While I give Walmart a lot of crap for some of the company's products, these waffles weren't all bad. However, there are definitely better options.

6. Breakfast Best Homestyle Waffles

Breakfast Best waffle and box
Breakfast Best waffle and box - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Offering a decent frozen waffle option was Aldi, with the chain's Breakfast Best Homestyle Waffles. Overall, these weren't bad by any means, but they were nothing to write home about.

What I will say is that the texture was probably the best aspect. There was a crisp exterior with a moist middle, but these waffles still bordered on soggy and warranted more cooking time. The taste was good, too, but it simply wasn't a favorite. I got a lot of egg flavor over anything else. I didn't hate it, but in the grand scheme of waffles, I wouldn't pick this as a go-to.

The ingredient list wasn't stellar either. While these had a better flavor than the others on the list thus far, a sixth-place spot doesn't mean much. If you're an Aldi shopper and like to dress up your waffles, these will do. But for me, I'm sticking with my top three.

5. Good & Gather Homestyle Waffles

Good & Gather waffle and box
Good & Gather waffle and box - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Target's Good & Gather brand takes fifth place, with its Homestyle Waffles. This box boasted the most health-worthy content, as the waffles didn't contain any artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, or synthetic colors. Be that as it may, it was time for the taste test.

Target's waffles had the best flavor profile on the list thus far. These waffles tasted homemade and natural. The texture was good, too. They were crispy on the outside with a soft and moist inside. However, they did feel a little doughy. Even with extra cooking time, the texture was still lacking.

My verdict is that Good & Gather offers a solid frozen waffle option. It may not be my favorite, but if you're a Target shopper, you can't go wrong. You can dress these up or eat them with a touch of syrup for an enjoyable breakfast meal.

4. Eggo Homestyle Waffles

Eggo Homestyle waffle and box
Eggo Homestyle waffle and box - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

I was interested to see where this famous frozen waffle brand would place on my list, especially with so many other options out there. Coming in fourth are Eggo's Homestyle Waffles, and they did not disappoint.

These waffles definitely had that homemade taste we all know and love, with a little batter flavor that added to the natural essence. While some of the other options, like Aldi and Target, almost had this flavor profile, Eggo nailed it. For texture, these were on point. They were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Texture was one of the biggest reasons they pulled ahead of the rest. Be that as it may, there were still a lot of unpronounceable words on the ingredient list, but hey -- at least they taste good.

When it comes to Eggo, I definitely have a lot of feelings about the brand, with memories of smothering these bad boys in butter when I was a kid. But for this taste test, they just missed the top three. Does it mean you should forgo this iconic brand and all of Eggo's amazing waffle flavors? Absolutely not. They just aren't the best when held up against the rest.

3. Van's Foods Original Power Grain Protein Waffles

Van's Foods Original Waffle box
Van's Foods Original Waffle box - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

The top three spots offered some heavy competition, as these waffles offered epic flavors and the right texture all around. Taking home the bronze medal were Van's Foods Original Power Grain Protein Waffles.

Featuring no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives -- along with no high fructose corn syrup, dairy, or eggs -- these waffles meant business, but they're not just good for your health. While I was ready for just another homestyle waffle with little to no flavoring, I was pleasantly surprised to find delicious notes of cinnamon and sugar. This was a welcome twist in a rather bland and boring taste test. However, these waffles weren't super crispy and got a little soggy after cooking. This is the only reason they were kept out of the top two.

With that said, these were delicious waffles that are pretty good for you, too. If you're in need of frozen waffles and like hints of cinnamon in the morning, give these a try!

2. Trader Joe's Whole Grain Waffles

Trader Joe's Whole Grain Waffles
Trader Joe's Whole Grain Waffles - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Taking the second place spot, and deservedly so, were Trader Joe's Whole Grain Waffles. This ingredient list was one of the best, featuring words you can pronounce and healthy whole grains.

I was a little concerned when I went in for the first bite, since there are a lot of products on the market that don't taste great when they feature a whole wheat base. However, Trader Joe's really nailed it with these waffles, as the wheat flavoring isn't the star of the show. There was an underlying sweetness to these waffles, along with a doughy, homemade flavor. The texture was great, too, with a crisp outside and a soft middle that wasn't too soggy or too dry. These waffles reached Goldilocks status.

If you seek a healthy frozen waffle option, you have to give these a try. Trader Joe's waffles are healthy without a healthy taste. Surprisingly, I really loved these waffles. They are a solid choice.

1. Kodiak Buttermilk & Vanilla Power Waffles

Kodiak Frozen Waffles
Kodiak Frozen Waffles - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Taking home the first-place title with almost no negative notes from me was Kodiak, with the brand's Frozen Power Waffles. I grabbed Kodiak's Buttermilk & Vanilla flavor, and boy, was I impressed.

What I loved immediately was that I could taste both the vanilla and buttermilk base. These flavors were complex and the best in the bunch by far. The texture was also near perfection, too, with a crispy outside and soft inside. They leaned a little dryer than some others, but not enough to deter me from buying them again.

If you need more of a reason to buy these waffles, check out the label. Featuring real ingredients and 12 grams of protein in just two waffles, these were made for health and happiness. But hey, you don't have to believe me outright. Try them and let me know what you think!

How We Chose The Best Frozen Waffles

Stack of waffles on plate
Stack of waffles on plate - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

For this taste test, I sought out brands of traditional frozen waffles that I could find in my freezer aisles. I was mainly looking for delicious flavors, along with a really great textural mix of a soft inside and a crispy outside, but I did take into consideration the nutritional profiles and ingredients of each brand, too.

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