Samantha Armytage reveals 10kg weight loss

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Samantha Armytage in 2016 (L) and in 2019 (R). Photo: Getty (L) and Instagram/sevenstyling (R)
Samantha Armytage in 2016 (L) and in 2019 (R). Photo: Getty (L) and Instagram/sevenstyling (R)

Samantha Armytage has been made Weight Watchers’ newest ambassador, and after dropping an impressive 10 kgs she’s opening up about her journey to wellness.

She says she’s embraced a new lifestyle that’s not about slimming down, but rather strengthening up.

“I feel great, absolutely fantastic — don’t forget I get up at 3.15am so being a bit lighter and having more energy throughout the day really helps. It’s a nice feeling and I want to keep going,” she told

She say her amazing results have been achieved through a regime that’s heavy on exercise, and generous on diet.

The TV host says she can ‘still eat everything’, and even sip on a cheeky glass of wine as part of the lifestyle change.

Sam Armytage is living a healthier, happier lifestyle.
Sam Armytage is living a healthier, happier lifestyle - the TV star pictured in May this year. Photo: Getty

“It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about a holistic approach to life and about maintaining weight which is the hardest thing for me to do as a shift worker,” she said.

Her weight is not a new topic of discussion for the TV personality. Sam’s clothing size has been a national obsession for years, and one she says she wanted to reclaim.

“Do you know what? My weight is already scrutinised," Sam told The Australian Women’s Weekly.

"I understand there will be more scrutiny that comes with this … but the paparazzi are always already trying to take pictures where there is a fat roll showing.”

Sam Armytage has been scrutinised for her weight for years.
Sam has been scrutinised for her weight for years - pictured in May 2018. Photo: Getty Images

Formerly a size 12, Sam Armytage was actually slimmer than the national average which is a size 14-16 for women.

It’s a topic she’s had to confront again and again. She once launched a legal battle against the Daily Mail, and has not hesitated to call out the shaming online.

She insists she wasn’t motivated by the fat-shamers, but rather told she was looking for a healthy reset that ended up strengthening both her body and her resolve.

“Losing a few kilos was important but joining WW was also about feeling stronger and healthier, both physically and mentally.”

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