Sam Armytage shines on front cover of Australian Women’s Weekly

Sam Armytage shines on the front cover of Australian Women’s Weekly.

Dressed in a yellow trench coat, the Sunrise presenter opens up about turning 40 in four week’s time.

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The front page headline reads: ‘Fabulous at 40.

‘Sam Armytage on quitting TV, dating disasters and moving to the country’.

“Of course, you sit back and go, ‘If my life is half done, am I happy with what’s gone on so far?’ — and (the answer is) yes, very,” said Sam.

“I feel very calm and strong and quite in my power — I feel like I’m much less tolerant of time-wasters, manipulators and big egos ... I don’t waste time on things that don’t matter to me.”

Armytage’s Sunrise co-stars are currently in Rio, Brazil for the Olympics, but the morning breakfast TV presenter decided to stay in Australia after the threat of Zika Virus took over the country.

Sam Armytage. Photo: AAP
Sam Armytage. Photo: AAP

“I would like to think that in the next couple of years I could be [expecting her first child,” she told Woman’s Day.

“It would be really lovely to meet someone and to think that might happen.”

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