Try This Secret Menu Starbucks Refresher With A Unique Fruity Flavor Combo

Blended Starbucks strawberry Refresha on table
Blended Starbucks strawberry Refresha on table - Cineworld Ipswich / Facebook

Some of the best drinks at Starbucks aren't on the menu but are part of the Starbucks 'secret' menu, and thanks to TikTok, we have another contender to give to your friendly Starbucks barista the next time you are craving something extra special and sweet. Know that even baristas can be confused by guests' orders, however, and this particular drink has been known to give attending baristas serious pause -- until the drink is sampled firsthand. After one sip, this sweet and cool order becomes one that should be frequently repeated. And this one features one of Starbucks' many refreshers.

Ask your local barista for the usual strawberry açaí lemonade Refresher and customize your beverage order by requesting that your drink be made with apple juice and strawberry puree. Next, ask for double scoops of both mango dragonfruit (which you can get as a Frappuccino) and strawberry inclusions to be added to this concoction.

Once all of these ingredients are shaken with ice, you'll kindly direct the barista to double blend this beverage. It might sound like a demanding request, but the results will be well worth any confidence you'll need to summon before taking the first swig. Because this doesn't have Frappuccino base, the double blending will help deal with any unpleasant iciness.

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If You're Seeking Refreshment, Look No Further

Blended pink Starbucks beverage
Blended pink Starbucks beverage - Shangyu/Shutterstock

Before this breezy drink is served, ask your Starbucks barista to coat the inside of a plastic cup with a drizzle of caramel sauce. Not only will this step add a layer of visual appeal, but the sweetness will turn up the dessert factor on this beverage. Once your blended drink is dumped into the container, a final finish of caramel sauce can top off this pretty pour. You can opt for whipped cream if you'd like.

This aesthetic custom-made refresher tastes equally pleasing. "10 out of 10 would recommend," one Starbucks barista surprisingly declared. Once you've sampled this creative drink, feel free to go wild as you add ingredients to suit your palate. If you still find it's too icy or chunky, you can ask for a few pumps of Frappuccino Creme Base. From whipped cream to cold foam to raspberry popping boba, this made-to-order bevvy can quickly blur the line between dessert and beverage.

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