Truff Debuts Its Hottest Hot Sauce Ever With A Star Wars Dark Side Theme

Truff Star Wars hot sauce with lava
Truff Star Wars hot sauce with lava - Truff

Truff is a company famous for its successful online marketing, and it has scored one of the biggest collaborators possible for a new hot sauce: "Star Wars." The luxury condiment company has been highly hyped since its debut back in 2017, when it made a splash in the world of online food with its first black truffle-infused hot sauce. It went on to score a partnership with Taco Bell and an endorsement from Oprah herself. The brand kept adding to its lineup with truffle oils and truffle-infused mayo and pasta sauces, but hot sauce has always been the company's meal ticket. Now, Truff is set to make a splash with a brand new hot sauce themed on the dark side of "Star Wars" and inspired by the iconic movie villain Darth Vader.

The new "Star Wars" Dark Side Hot Sauce will be Truff's hottest sauce ever according to a press release sent to Tasting Table. The sauce will mix the brand's black winter truffles with ghost pepper, resulting in a hot sauce that registers between 800,000 - 1 million on the Scoville scale of heat measurement. Truff says of the sauce: "Just as the heroic Anakin Skywalker was transformed by the fires of Mustafar into Darth Vader, this new spicy blend will immerse you in a fiery symphony of flavor." The "Star Wars" Dark Side Hot Sauce is set to go on sale starting April 24, but fans can jump on the waitlist right now.

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Truff's Star Wars Dark Side Hot Sauce Is Themed On Darth Vader

Truff Darth Vader sauce bottle
Truff Darth Vader sauce bottle - Truff

Co-founder and co-CEO Nick Ajluni says, "Truff has always merged pop culture with culinary experiences in an effort to weave unexpected narratives into our flavor creations." Ajluni added that the flavors of the new hot sauce are made to be an "immersive culinary adventure," that works for both "Star Wars" and mouth-burning hot sauce fans alike. Beyond the fiery flavor, the hot sauce comes in a black matte 6-ounce bottle topped with a Darth Vader helmet cap. The sauce is also packaged in a collectible gift box with a smoky design that includes the Imperial crest.

Truff's "Star Wars" Dark Side Hot Sauce is being launched as an exclusive partnership between the company and gaming and media brand IGN for $39.99. The April 24 launch date will start a 7-day period where the hot sauce will only be available through IGN's online store, with Truff's website having it for sale starting May 1. However there is a limited stock, and the sauce will only end up on Truff's site if it does not sell out during the IGN window. So, if you're interested in this limited-run hot sauce, act fast.

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