We tried the extreme high-cut bikini that's gone viral

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

Bikini styles have become racier in recent years, but it seems nothing beats the Beginning Boutique extreme high waist bottoms that have gone viral this week.

After seeing many a meme and comment about the risque look, we decided to put the bikini by 9.0 Swim to the test.

The verdict: Expect some discomfort, plenty of skin on show and a lot of stares at the beach.

A new style from Beginning Boutique got a lot of attention from followers due to its risque design. Photo: Beginning Boutique/ Olivia Mathers

“They’re ridiculously high cut, even for someone who has given high-cut a go in the past,” says our own Carly Williams, who bravely slipped on the $49.95 design for our bikini road test. Note: She tried these over her jeans because it’s very clear these are NSFW swimmers.

“I think that they would probably have a few lip slips at the beach and you certainly wouldn’t be able to move around too much.

“I don’t know what shorter girls would do,” she continues, adding, “it’s just funny to see that online boutiques are legitimately selling this sort of style”.

We decided to try the look for ourselves. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

Carly says there’s a positive to the look which many wouldn’t realise just from seeing a photo online.

“The only good thing about it was that it was double lined which I like in a swimsuit so you can see they are quality,” she explains.

Earlier this week the bikini got a lot of attention online after Gold Coast-based influencer Olivia Mathers modelled the pair of bikini bottoms.

Most agreed many would risk revealing more than they wanted to.

“Unusual to get better belly button coverage over flap coverage in bather bottoms……,” one fan commented.

‘”I think that they would probably have a few lip slips at the beach and you certainly wouldn’t be able to move around too much.’ Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

“Sweet lord, this would make my vagina look like a hedgehog stuck under a floorboard,” joked another.

“You’ve heard of the itty bitty titty comittee, But have you heard of the pants that barely cover the clitty,” one Facebook fan wrote.

“In my day you had to move your knickers to find your vagina…. Now days you need to move your flaps to find your knickers,” another commented.

Some followers felt wearing the swimwear would lead to the risk of revealing too much. Photo: Beginning Boutiqe/ 9.0 Swim

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