Mum's hilarious parody of sexy bikini ad leaves fans in stitches

Kristine Tarbert
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A mum has hilariously recreated a sexy bikini ad leaving her followers in absolute stitches.

Mum blogger Laura, who shares honest posts about motherhood online under Knee Deep in Life, picked up on summer’s hottest new bikini trend, which has already been causing a stir online.

The super-revealing and high-waisted bikinis have been doing the rounds with various labels sharing their newest swimwear. But it was one posted online by Beginning Boutique that the UK mum decided to recreate.

“Ain’t no one got any business seeing the other side of that emoji,” she captioned the side-by-side image.

“It’s like a hairy angry venus flytrap that smells a bit like p**s and old farts.”

The orange-and-white two piece, costing around $85 is made up a crop top, but the bottoms are extremely skimpy.

There was so little material that Laura had to use emojis to cover up revealing areas when wearing the bikini bottoms herself.

Her post has since gone viral across social media racking up 16,000 comments on Facebook and over 2,500 likes on Instagram.

It was only a matter of time before someone did their own version,” one person commented.

“You’re my hero,” another added.

She even went on to share her husband’s reaction to the look when she asked him to take the photo for her. Posting the conversation to her Instagram stories she revealed her hubby Steve asked, “what are you wearing?”

Photo: Instagram/kneedeepinlifeblog

Earlier this week another bikini from the same label got a lot of attention online due to its risqué design.

Gold Coast-based influencer Olivia Mathers modelled the pair of bikini bottoms by 9.0 Swim, and most agreed many would risk revealing more than they wanted to.

A new style from Beginning Boutique got a lot of attention from followers due to its risque design. Photo: Beginning Boutique/ Olivia Mathers

“Unusual to get better belly button coverage over flap coverage in bather bottoms……,” one fan commented.

“Sweet lord, this would make my vagina look like a hedgehog stuck under a floorboard,” joked another.

“In my day you had to move your knickers to find your vagina…. Now days you need to move your flaps to find your knickers,” another commented.

“For us more curvaceous gals that’s gonna be a room divider between the beef curtains,” one person joked.

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