Travis Kelce Shares Why Secret Service Agents ‘Weren’t Too Happy’ With Him During His Recent White House Visit

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs made a celebratory visit to the White House, hosted by President Joe Biden, on May 31, and the 34-year-old shared that he was a bit cautious heading to the visit because of something that happened last time around.

Recounting his time at the White House to his older brother Jason on the June 5 episode of their podcast, New Heights, Travis admitted, "The Secret Service that's all over the White House, they weren't too happy with me on my second time visiting."

As for why, Travis explained that the first time he visited, he brought an expired ID, which likely caused some trouble. So this time around, he brought his passport to make sure everything went smoothly, saying, "I was official and I was legit and I was doing things the right way."

But that doesn't mean that it was completely smooth sailing, as Travis added, "We had four or five Secret Service agents come up to me and tell me, 'You know, if you go up to that podium, we're authorized to tase you.'"

This led to the moment many fans loved when Travis walked up to Biden at the podium and said, "I'm not gonna lie, President Biden. They told me if I came up here, I'd get tased, so I'mma go back to my spot," leading many in the crowd to laugh.

"This was legit funny af," wrote one fan on X, as more appreciated Travis' humor with replies like, "This was awesome 😆😆😆. That’s our TE ❤️💛," and "Epic! Love this. Somebody probably did have a taser ready."

Along with the brothers' recap of Travis' eventful White House visit, the two also spent some time during the new podcast episode breaking down Jason's fun debate with fans about personal cleanliness, with the older Kelce standing strong on his belief that washing feet isn't necessary.

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