Travis Kelce Reveals His Favorite Game Show to Watch Amid Filming His Own

Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs

Over the past year, we've learned so much about Travis Kelce.

For starters, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end's favorite fast food joint to grab a patty is Burger King, his favorite cereal is Reese's Puffs, and he prefers to munch on the popular peanut butter and chocolate-based Tagalongs Girl Scouts cookies.

He also despises mayonnaise, eats French toast before every game, and oh, in case you missed it, the "Big Yeti" and his big brother, recently-retired Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, have a true crime fascination—they're big fans of Law & Order.

Luckily for fans, another fun fact about Kelce has now emerged, as he opened up about his favorite game show to watch growing up as he currently films his own, Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?

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On the latest episode of his and Jason's podcast New Heights, which was released on Wednesday, May 1, it was revealed that Travis used to fake sick to stay home from school and watch The Price Is Right. "It's untouchable," he declared.

"Whenever I would like, not want to go to school, I would just tell mom that I'm sick, and then she would make me chicken noodle soup, give me some Ritz crackers, and at 10 AM I'd be able to watch The Price Is Right, and then Family Feud was right after that," he admitted.

As for his new gig, the three-time Super Bowl champ hosts 20 episodes of the upcoming Amazon Prime game show, which is set to begin production this summer.

A spin on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, "each episode, or 'game,' will welcome an adult contestant who will rely on a classroom full of celebrities from stage, screen, and sports to help them answer 11 questions on a range of topics, pulled from the elementary school curriculum, in an effort to win a $100,000 prize," according to Amazon.

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