Travis Kelce Fumbles 'Dirty Dancing' Lift in 'Catching Kelce' Clip

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce has to shake off a kind of embarrassing moment from his love life all over again.

Long before the Kansas City Chiefs tight end started dating Taylor Swift, he starred in his own reality dating series, Catching Kelce. The show only ran for one season in 2016, but that hasn't stopped fans from resurfacing some key moments and making them go viral eight years later.

One of the clips documented the three-time Super Bowl champ's date with a contestant named Lexi. During the October 26, 2016 episode, they danced around the room while filming their virtual reality video game, which depicted them as all-star ballerinas, per E!'s description.

"I'm 100 percent feeling chemistry right now with Travis," Lexi told the cameras at the time. "I jump up and he picks me up Dirty Dancing style."

However, viewers–and even the NFL star himself–beg to differ, as the clip clearly showed the two struggling to nail the choreography.

"Come to me, Lexi!" Kelce exclaimed as his date pranced towards him. With Lexi now in the air, the two spun around before the football star, unfortunately, dropped her on the floor and proceeded to trip over her.

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"Okay, I forgot you weren't athletic enough to land [it]," he quipped.

"Dancing with Lexi is like dancing with Bambi," Kelce said elsewhere in the video. "She just slowly finds her way to the floor."

Ironically enough, the clip was resurfaced about two weeks after Kelce made Swifties swoon by lifting up his pop superstar girlfriend in the pit during the first weekend of Coachella with grace and ease.

"Travis got me crackin tf up," one YouTuber recently replied.

"I like this Travis fun side," another wrote in part.

This isn't the only part of Catching Kelce that has the internet in hysterics as Tayvis stans have also gotten ahold of another one of the 34-year-old's outrageous dance videos, which showed him wearing a wig, a pair of micro shorts and a tank top as he completed a Zoomba-style workout.

One social media user uploaded the clip of Kelce to TikTok, joking that the video caught "Travis rehearsing the new choreography for the ttpd [The Tortured Poets Department] set on [the] eras tour," referring to the unsubstantiated rumor that the European leg of Swift's setlist will include songs off her latest release, after rehearsal footage seemed to tease new set pieces and equipment in line with the album.

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