'The Traitors' Stars Give Their Predictions for Season 3

It's only been a few weeks since the conclusion of the epic Season 2 of Peacock's The Traitors. But interest in that Scottish Highland castle has been reinvigorated in the past week, between the For Your Consideration event held this weekend in L.A. and, more pertinently, the announcement of the Season 3 cast. And the stars of Season 2 already have some thoughts on this new group of Traitors and Faithfuls.

The centerpiece of NBCUniversal's weekend event was a panel moderated by Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans and featuring three stars from The Traitors Season 2. The group included Survivor winner and so-called "Duchess of Deception" Parvati ShallowKate Chastain, the Below Deck star converted into a Traitor after crashing her second season halfway through; and Season 2 winner in The Challenge veteran Trishelle Cannatella. Of course, the conversation naturally turned to the recently-announced Season 3 cast. And the trio already had thoughts on who could take it all.

"My money is on Dolores [Catania] from Real Housewives of New Jersey," Kate replies when asked for her winner pick. "She’s athletic. She knows when to talk and when not to talk. And she’s likable. There’s a bit of a popularity contest. When I was murdering people, that’s how it was for me."

Parvati chooses to go in-house with her answer, picking fellow Survivor alum Jeremy Collins. "He’s like the mayor," she says about her fellow competitor on Winners at War. "People are going to love him. He’s easy to get along with. I've played Survivor with him. He’s good at putting heat on other people. And he'll make up a lie, he doesn’t care! But you think he’s a nice guy because he’s a firefighter and a dad."

"And then he shanks you in the back," Evans adds.

Parvati agrees. "And I'm like, 'I'm dead?! How did that happen?!'"

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Trishelle says, "I'm rooting for Dorina [Medley] and Ciara [Miller] too, just because I think she's cool and I like her." But besides her interest in the Real Housewives of New York City and Summer House stars, respectively, there was another "Bravoleb" piece of casting that inevitably had to get brought up.

"I really want to see what’s going to happen with Sandoval," she says, eliciting boos from the crowd. The Vanderpump Rules star's participation has already elicited controversy, given the fallout that has occurred in the past two years over his cheating being outed in "Scandoval." While he's attempted to save face by appearing on many reality shows since then, including The Masked Singer and Special Forces: World's Toughest Test, it's done nothing to not make him one of the most hated faces in reality TV.

"You guys, he has got to go first, right?!" Trishelle asks rhetorically to the crowd.

"I don't want him to go first," Kate disagrees. "I want to watch that. I want to see him outside of the safety of the Vanderpump West Hollywood bubble. He doesn’t have his bars and his cover band to hide behind. I’m going to enjoy that so much."

You can check out the full video of the panel below from Peacock, which includes behind-the-scenes details from Season 2. The Traitors is currently streaming on Peacock.

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