Top 10 trending travel destinations on TikTok

Travel has been very limited over the last year, and overseas travel is still a way off, so it's no surprise many of us have been seeking travel inspiration on social media.

Plenty of people have taken to TikTok as a way to escape to faraway destinations, with travel brand Bounce analysing the view counts of popular destination hashtags to work out the most popular spots based on what we're watching on the video sharing platform.

new york city
Videos of NYC clocked up 216 billion views on TikTok. Photo: Getty

In top spot (by over 150 billion views) was New York City, with views for videos featuring the hashtag #NYC totalling over 216 billion views.

There are few more iconic cities in the world than New York, with its recognisable skyscrapers, huge Central Park, bright lights of Times Square, and the world-famous Broadway theatre scene.


The United Arab Emirates has become a very popular tourist destination over the last couple of decades, so much so that Dubai takes the second spot on Bounce's ranking, with just over 37 billion views.

With its luxurious hotels, shops and restaurants, ultramodern buildings, and lively nightlife, it’s easy to see why Dubai is popular with TikTokers.

TikTok's top trending travel destinations
TikTok's top trending travel destinations. Photo: Supplied/Bounce

Turkey’s capital, Istanbul, has racked up just under 17 billion views on TikTok, beating the likes of London, Paris, and Barcelona to third place.

Situated on the cusp of Europe and Asia, Istanbul’s fascinating architecture reflects the many empires which have ruled here over its long history, including the Roman Hippodrome and Byzantine Hagia Sophia.

Top 10 TikTok Travel Destinations

  1. New York City, USA - 216 billion views

  2. Dubai, UAE - 37.1 billion views

  3. Istanbul, Turkey - 16.9 billion views

  4. London, UK - 13.9 billion views

  5. Barcelona, Spain - 12.6 billion views

  6. Paris, France - 11.2 billion views

  7. Mumbai, India - 9.6 billion views

  8. Hawaii, USA - 9.4 billion views

  9. Miami, USA - 9.1 billion views

  10. Toronto, Canada - 8.4 billion views

But here we are still stuck in Aus (and maybe NZ) with a long weekend coming up.

So we thought we'd also look at some popular Airbnb stays around Australia and New Zealand that you can still hit up, with a particular theme in mind.

Airbnb's most 'regal' stays for the long weekend

Keeping on the topic of the Queen's birthday long weekend - here are some of the most 'regal' stays you can book right now. Remember to check local government websites for any current travel restrictions that might be in place before heading away.

Regal stays in Australia:

the edge coogee mansion
If you've got deep pockets The Edge goes for $6.1K a night! Photo: Airbnb
Villa Queen. Photo: Airbnb
Villa Queen. Photo: Airbnb

Regal stays in NZ:

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