Tony Armstrong hard launches girlfriend: 'Hearts breaking across Australia'

"You can actually pinpoint the moment when [Australia’s] heart breaks."

Australian heart-throb Tony Armstrong has set social media ablaze in a surprise late-night post debuting his new girlfriend.

The former Sydney Swan and Logie award winner revealed in an Instagram post that he was dating musician Rona Glynn-McDonald.

Tony Armstrong and his girlfriend
Tony Armstrong has broken hearts across Australia after hard launching his new girlfriend, Rona Glynn-McDonald, on social media. Photo: Instagram/tonaaayy

"Been a nice time," Tony coyly captioned the snaps, which showed the pair at a range of formal and informal events, as well as a snap of the pair kissing.


Rona is a Kaytetye musician and producer based in Melbourne and recently completed a residency with Triple J.

Tony Armstrong kisses girlfriend
Fans loved Tony's 'hard launch', with some joking that they were unfollowing him. Photo: Instagram/tonaaayy

A vocal advocate of Aboriginal issues, she is also the founding chief executive of Common Ground and director of the charity First Nations Futures.

News of the pair’s new relationship quickly made waves online and, within only 30 minutes, had already garnered more than 5000 likes.

A number of celebrities welcomed the news, including former ABC host Myf Warhurst and former Bachelor star Brittany Hockley.

Other users were also quick to support the new couple, with one user writing, “Gets our Yes vote,” in reference to October's referendum.

"You can actually pinpoint the moment when [Australia’s] heart breaks," another joked.


"Hearts breaking across Australia," a third agreed, while some joked that they'd be unfollowing Tony.

"Hardest launch I’ve seen in a while. Felt the earth tremble," someone else joked.

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