MasterChef's Reynold says there's 'not a chance' he'll return to reality TV

EXCLUSIVE: Reynold Poernomo reflects on his recent Dessert Masters experience.

Reynold Poernomo has revealed he will never return to the MasterChef kitchen as a contestant following his recent stint on Dessert Masters.

The fan-favourite pastry chef first appeared on the reality show’s seventh season in 2015 where he finished in fourth place, and returned to the show five years later where he came third.

Dessert Masters' Reynold Poernomo.
MasterChef’s Reynold Poernomo opens up about his experience on Dessert Masters. Photo: Channel 10

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle after coming second in the inaugural season of Dessert Masters, Reynold says there’s “not a chance” he will return for another chance at the crown.

“I can’t just be pigeonholed the whole time on the show,” he shares.

“It’s time for me to keep growing and keep moving onto bigger things. It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning.”


Reynold went on to reveal that he turned down Dessert Masters “multiple times” when he was first contacted to join the cast.

“But after giving it a couple of thoughts, I thought maybe it’s good exposure and a good chance for me to showcase what I do again,” he says.

“Also because I was opening my Melbourne store. Although it’s delayed until March next year, it was still a great opportunity for me to showcase my craft on Dessert Masters because it's the biggest platform to showcase what my family and I have built.”

Dessert Masters' Reynold Poernomo.
Reynold says his time on Dessert Masters was ‘the best competitive experience’ he's ever had. Photo: Channel 10

'The best competitive experience'

Despite his initial hesitancy to return to the MasterChef kitchen, Reynold shares that his time on Dessert Masters was “the best competitive experience” he’s ever had.

“The most stressful, definitely, but the fact that we had all already made a name for ourselves in the industry, it was really enjoyable because we were able to share knowledge,” he details.

“There was no ego, there was no drama here and there or personality clashes, we just all admired each other's work. The standard was incredible, but when you’re put in a situation like that it makes you do better.”

Reynold adds that after expanding his business Koi to Melbourne in 2024, he plans on moving abroad to continue honing his craft.

“Maybe I might go for Michelin overseas, maybe I might go into the entertainment industry overseas,” he remarks. “But definitely somewhere in Asia or somewhere in the States.”

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