'Not playing by the rules': Tommy Lee hangs up on Triple M radio hosts

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Rockstar Tommy Lee abruptly ended a radio interview on Triple M on Thursday morning after being asked an ‘inappropriate’ question by one of the hosts.

The Motley Crue drummer was chatting on Triple M’s Moonman in the Morning about his new solo album that is due to be released in October, when co-host Jess Eva asked about the “hotties” he had “romanced”.

Tommy Lee hung up on Triple M radio hosts. Photo: Getty

“You are a hero to many men around the world because you’ve romanced some hotties in your time,” Jess said.

“Heather Locklear, Pamela Anderson, Naomi Campbell, Pink … Out of all your lovers, who was the best one?”

But the response she got was the call being disconnected.

“Oh, that’s not good,” co-host Chris Page said.

“I think we just got hung up on because you went into a ‘no go’ zone,” Lawrence Mooney added.

And one of the show’s producers quickly confirmed Lee’s ex-wives were off limits, he called the star’s publicist to apologise and the call was reconnected to finish the interview, without mention of the incident.

Shortly afterwards Lee’s publicist Jamie Roberts released a statement slamming the hosts for not “playing by the rules”.

“Like most publicists, I made them, and everyone else that interviews Tommy, aware of the numerous topics that Tommy would be interested in and willing to talk about,” he said in a statement to Fox News.

“And I also told them that I would terminate the interview if they couldn’t play by the rules.

“They didn’t do their job. So I did mine. Of the 50 interviews we’ve done in the past week, they were the only ones who couldn’t keep it together. It’s unfortunate that they are blaming it on Tommy.”

The rockstar is releasing a solo album. Photo: Getty

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