Tom Holland Showed Support For Zendaya After The Release Of "Challengers," And Zendaya Had The Best Reaction

Oh, you want more cute Tom Holland and Zendaya news? You got it.

Tom Holland and Zendaya sitting together, smiling at a basketball game, among a crowd of fans
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As you know, Zendaya's latest movie Challengers came out this weekend.

Audiences and critics love it. By the time the weekend's over, it'll probably be the No. 1 movie in America.

Screenshot from "Challengers"
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One of the film's many fans, as it turns out, is Tom himself. In a post to his IG this weekend, he big-upped Zendaya and her new film in an adorable way.

"I know what I'm doing this weekend!" Tom wrote in the caption.

Instagram post by user tomholland2013 stating, "I know what I’m doing this weekend!" with a profile icon
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Tom also shared an ad for the film on his IG Reel with the caption "LETS GOOOO!" Aww.

Person playing tennis on a promotional social media post for "Challengers" movie. Text: "Challengersmovie and amazongm... CHALLENGERS IS OUT NOW! LETS GOOO!"
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And Zendaya had the sweetest response to all the love:

Zendaya posted a comment with a hugging face emoji; the comment has received over 2,000 likes
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The commenters loved it, too:

The image shows a social media comment praising Tom Holland for supporting his girlfriend
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Instagram comment by user _maizi_224 praising "SUPPORTIVE BOYFRIEND TOM!!!!!!" with 3,824 likes
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And of course, a brand got cheeky:

MTV's comment on a post: "you might wanna start taking tennis lessons" with likes and reply buttons shown
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Anyway, go see Challengers in theaters now!