Tom Cruise gushes over his Mission: Impossible co-stars

Tom Cruise gushes over his Mission: Impossible co-stars at the Australian premiere.

Video transcript

- There's a scene in the film right before you do the big stunt, and Ethan Hunt actually looks kind of scared.

TOM CRUISE: Oh, yeah.

- Is there a mission--

TOM CRUISE: That wasn't acting. That's not acting, let me would tell you.

- Is there a mission that would actually be impossible for Ethan Hunt?

TOM CRUISE: I don't know. We haven't had that yet. But there's stuff that, you know-- you feel that when I'm doing it. You know, it's not that I'm not. I just don't mind being scared.

- I don't know how you top it.

TOM CRUISE: We'll talk next summer.


We've already done it.

- Absolutely. And we know that you do these insane stunts and everything, but what's something from behind the scenes that fans might not expect from these movies? You've been doing them for so long.

TOM CRUISE: From behind the scenes? What do you mean, behind the scenes? Like--

- Anything, like a fun fact from behind the scenes.

TOM CRUISE: There's a lot of-- look, this cast, we have a lot of fun together. I don't know any-- there's just-- there's a lot of hard work, a lot of joy, a lot of dedication. And particularly, that kind of time that we went through-- I mean, this has taken us a long time for us to make it, because of everything that happened.

But I'm trying to think if there's any funny anecdotes. I don't know. You know, Simon's always making us laugh. Pom and Hayley, they're just incredibly humorous, and talented, and just lights. Yeah.