Today's Richard Wilkins in tears on air over Anzac Day photos

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Today show host Richard Wilkins shed a tear on air while speaking about how meaningful Anzac Day is to his family.

The 66-year-old was moved to tears on Weekend Today after pictures flashed up on the screen of his father and grandfather, who both served in the armed forces.

Richard Wilkins on Weekend Today
Richard Wilkins broke down as he spoke about Anzac Day on the Weekend Today. Photo: Today Show

Richard’s father trained to be a pilot while his grandfather served in Gallipoli in World War I.

“It’s always a bittersweet day in our family because it is my son Christian’s birthday today but my grandfather and dad both served,” Richard said.


He then got emotional when a photo appeared on the screen of his father Anthony, saying: “This is my dad Anthony Richard Wilkins who was in pilot training in Vancouver. He was 21 years of age there.

Richard Wilkins' father Anthony
Richard's father Anthony. Photo: Today Show

“Sorry, that’s my granddad,” Richard continued, choking up.

Richard’s co-host Jayne Azzopardi stepped in to continue for Richard, placing an arm on his back, saying: “On his way to Gallipoli with his mum saying goodbye to him. We had a look at that photo yesterday.”

Richard Wilkins' grandfather and his mother going to Gallipoli
He also posted this image of his grandfather being farwelled by his mother as he left for Gallipoli.Photo: Today Show

Newsreader Sophie Walsh told Richard not to apologise for getting emotional on such a poignant day, saying: “It’s an emotional day for everyone, all families across Australia.”

Taking to his Instagram page, Richard posted a picture of his grandfather being farewelled by his mum Annie in 1914 as he left for Gallipoli.

“Thank God he came back ...unlike countless others,” Richard said.


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