'Today's Hoda Kotb Catches Savannah Guthrie on a Secret FaceTime Call While Live On-Air

Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb

Sometimes, mom duty calls—literally!

Savannah Guthrie didn't let being a host of the Today show get in the way of parenting during the live broadcast on Thursday, May 23, when she sweetly took a call from one of her children while she was on-air.

Hoda Kotb noticed that her co-host was on a call during the show, before reaching over, grabbing her phone and showing the audience that Guthrie, 52, was on a FaceTime call with her son, Charley.

"Savannah is on FaceTime," Kotb, 58, said, while showing the 7-year-old's smiling face on her phone screen. Apparently, Charley called in to be able to hear the US Navy Band Northeast, who performed "God Bless America" on Thursday's show.

"He wanted to hear the band," Kotb said with a laugh, before adding, "That's Char. He's having breakfast."

The co-anchors agreed they couldn't blame Charley for wanting to hear the band play, as they described the band's music as "incredible."

"It's wonderful," Guthrie added, while noting that she had been telling Charley, "Shhh, we're on the air."

A video of the special moment was shared to the Today show Instagram page after the episode, where fans gushed over the adorable mom moment.

"This is so cute lol the epitome of I don’t care what my mom does for a living I need to speak with her 🤣🤣❤️❤️," one person wrote in the comments on Instagram.

"The things moms do for their kids! 😂🥹," someone else wrote, while another person called the interaction "so precious."

"Awesome mom moment 👏," another comment read.

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