Today host Karl Stefanovic shares worrying news on-air: 'Terrible year'

Today co-host Karl Stefanovic disappeared from the desk in June, just days after his daughter Harper had a serious health scare.

Now, he has admitted that his family has had a “terrible year”, with his two-year-old daughter constantly getting ill.

Today host Karl Stefanovic opened up about his daughter's health issues. Photo: Nine
Today host Karl Stefanovic opened up about his daughter's health issues. Photo: Nine

The star was chatting to Dr Nick Coatsworth on the show, when he opened up about Harper’s run of bad luck.

“My daughter Harper, she’s been getting a lot of sicknesses. It’s been a terrible year,” he told the guest.

“She got crook last week too with influenza, again. She has an asthma [device] now. But [she doesn’t have] asthma. It is helping. So a lot of kids are going through that at the moment.”

The medical expert acknowledged that Aussies have had an 'awful season of respiratory illnesses', and said this was likely caused by the lack of 'human movement' caused by harsh Covid lockdowns.

He explained that as more people are exposed to viruses, the stronger the 'immune memory' becomes, and assured the hosts that next year's flu season won't be as bad.

"Don't lock us up again is what you're saying," Karl quipped in reply.


Karl’s rush to hospital

Karl previously described the scary moment his daughter Harper was rushed to hospital.

Explaining the situation to co-host Allison Langdon, he recounted how terrifying it was.

Karl Stefanovic's wife with their daughter Harper in the hospital
Karl's daughter was rushed to the hospital earlier this year. Photo: Nine

"She just had a sniffle and a small cough and within six hours we had her at the GP, then within half an hour she was in an ambulance going to the hospital.”

The star said that Harper’s heart rate went over 200, and her temperature was over 40 degrees.

"It was only because of a great GP who was able to get on top of it, put her straight in the ambulance and straight to the hospital," he said, where she stayed overnight for observation.

Stefanovic said he was sharing the story on air to warn other parents.

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