Today host Karl Stefanovic's ex-wife reveals major career change

Cassandra Thorburn, ex-wife of Today host Karl Stefanovic, has made an interesting career change.

Although she made a name for herself as a TV producer and journalist, she now works as a dental nurse and receptionist.

Today host Karl Stefanovic poses with ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn on the red carpet
Today's Karl Stefanovic and Cassandra Thorburn were married for 21 years. Photo: Getty

The surprising detail was revealed in Woman’s Day on Monday in a profile of her son Jackson Stefanovic.

Jackson opened up about his relationship with his parents after their shock split in 2016.

“Mum’s our rock — she’s very happy, and is currently working as a dental nurse and receptionist at a local practice, and she continues to inspire me every day,” he told the publication.

“I make it a priority to catch up with our dad regularly — we’ve never been closer.”


Cassandra also talked to the magazine about how proud she was of her son.

“Jackson is the most beautiful young man — and a very loving and protective big brother. He’s incredibly emotional, and very in touch with others and their feelings, so music is a great avenue for him to explore,” she gushed.

Cassandra Thorburn smiles at a restaurant with her children Jackson and Willow
Cassandra has a close relationship with her children. Photo: Instagram/cassthorburn

The split was messy and may have contributed to Karl’s high-profile sacking from the Today show in 2018. He was reinstated just one year later, after his replacements were unable to deliver high ratings.

Fans were critical of Karl’s decision to marry his next partner Jasmine Yarbrough so soon after the divorce.

His ex-wife didn’t hold back about what she really thought of Karl after the break-up, previously telling Woman’s Day that he was ‘dead to her’ and that they ‘wouldn’t be friends again’.

Karl Stefanovic and Cassandra Thorburn smile at an event
Karl and Cassandra had a very public divorce. Photo: Getty

“There were days in the beginning I would get up, put on a brave face and drop the kids to school, then I’d get to the back door and I would lie in a heap for the rest of the day unable to move — there were very dark days,” she admitted.

“I slept on the couch in front of the fire for months because I didn’t want to go near the marital bed.”

Since the split, Cassandra has published a children’s book called Leo Lion’s Big Bed! and competed in Dancing With The Stars 2019.

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