'I'm over here!' TV host's hilarious camera fail

Bianca Soldani
Today Tonight WA's Monika Kos did her best to keep on top of this camera fail. Photo: Seven via Ten Play

Live TV is fraught with danger - just ask Natasha Exelby - and sometimes there’s nothing to do but laugh when things don’t go your way.

At least that’s what happened to veteran Today Tonight WA host Monika Kos when the cameras just weren’t co-operating on a Monday night.

In a hilarious fail, the hosts of 7News Perth threw to Monika for the start of the program, only to watch her chase after the camera instead.

“Hello, it is very good to have you with us on this Monday evening,... hang on, I’m over here!” Monika called as the camera panned away from her and across the empty studio.

Trying not to miss a beat, she continued, “We’re going to begin tonight with the squatters - I’ll move, camera stay still, I’ll move.”

But just as her arm came back in shot, the camera began panning in the other direction again.

The moment would have gone unmissed by those who weren’t tuning in at the time, except that it got played on Channel Ten’s Have You Been Paying Attention this week, where it elicited lots of laughter from the studio audience.

Just as things got back on track, the camera moved away again. Photo: Seven via Ten Play

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