Meet the Fashion Week 'kidfluencers' who took over the Today show

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Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon had some very tiny guests with a very big online following on the Today show on Wednesday morning.

The hosts were joined by 'kidfluencers' — that's 'kid influencers' — sisters Tatiana, 3, and Mia, 5, and their parents to discuss the girls' social media success and their first visit to Australian Fashion Week.

'Kidfluencer' sisters, Mia, 5, and Tati, 3, pose for photos at an Australian Fashion Week event for GHD
'Kidfluencer' sisters, Mia, 5, and Tati, 3, struck a pose at an Australian Fashion Week event. Photo: Instagram/miaxtati.

Meet the 'kidfluencers'

The diminutive duo was treated to a hair styling session with GHD and posed up a storm for photographers at the Sydney event earlier in the week.

"It was obviously a little bit overwhelming but the kids did so well," mum Nga Escalante told Ally and Karl of their fashion week outing.

"They just loved the cameras and everyone was so friendly, so they really, really enjoyed it," she added.


In just over a year, the youngsters have accrued an impressive 180K followers on their Instagram account which is run by their mum who posts pics of their fashion-forward outfits.

Mia and Tati are often spotted sporting luxury labels such as Dior and Prada but Nga says the girls are mostly wearing 'basic brands' like Zara, Fashion Nova and Best & Less in the photos.

"It's just showing kids and families how to style pieces together to get a bit more of a stylish look," she explained.

Composite image of 'kidfluencer' sisters, Mia, 5, and Tati, 3, having their hair styled and posing for photographers
Mia and Tati's day at Fashion Week included a hair styling session and a photoshoot. Photo: Instagram/miaxtati.

Online 'blowback'

Karl wasn't afraid to quiz Nga and her husband, Sebastian, on the criticism they might receive for showcasing their kids' lives online.

"The first thing I thought was you can't have kids that young doing this stuff, they need to be out there in the playground with their Tonka Trucks or whatever... how would you respond to that kind of criticism?" he said.

"We keep our private life very separate to Instagram," responded Sebastian.

"Besides the photos, they live a very normal life. We go to the park, we take them shopping, they go to school [...] We just try and keep them as very innocent as we can."

He went on to admit that they do get 'blowback' from social media users — a "couple of comments here and there" — but that 95 percent of the messages they receive are positive.

Selfie of 'kidfluencer' sisters, Mia, 5, and Tati, 3, and their mum, Nga, holding their newborn sibling
The girls with their mum, Nga. Photo: Instagram/miaxtati.

Nga said that the couple didn't expect their daughters' account to 'blow up this big' and are happy to ride the wave for the time being.

"If it comes to an age where they just feel like they don't want to do it anymore, then we'll just stop," she said.

"Are you worried that you're making [the girls] into a product?" asked Karl.

"No, I'm not really worried about that," replied Sebastian before his wife hopped in.

"They're comfortable, they're running around and playing so it's not like they don't like what they're wearing or feel uncomfortable," she added.

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