Today's Karl Stefanovic's bizarre jab at Harry and Meghan

Today show host Karl Stefanovic has again shared some of his apparent dislike of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with a rather bizarre reaction to the pair's statement on the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.

His co-host Allison Langdon was speaking to the program's Los Angeles correspondent Sam Rubin about the Sussexes letter and the reaction it received from many, while Karl at first simply held his tongue.

karl stefanovic frustrated on today
Karl Stefanovic didn't appear to want to discuss the Sussexes latest open letter. Photo: Channel Nine

"Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have spoken out about the devastating Afghanistan crisis, saying they are speechless and heartbroken about the situation," Allison said.

"There are so many people around the world who are feeling what is happening in Afghanistan, and for Meghan to add her voice to it, is it such a big deal?," she asked Sam.

"I don't like a lot of the stuff she does, but anytime she does anything she just gets slapped down for it."


"I think the knives are out, Ally, all the time and I think sometimes that happens. Sometimes it's not necessarily not deserved," Sam replied.

During the entire exchange, Karl appeared to get more and more agitated, pulling a host of bizarre facial expressions, looking bored and frustrated, and rocking back and forth on the couch.

Though he then simply chimes in: "I reckon you're right. I think little of some of the stuff she does, but that one is like, whatever."

Indeed, Harry and Meghan's statement copped a fair bit of criticism from royal experts around the world.

Royal author Angela Levin, who penned Harry: A Biography of a Prince, called the open letter "patronising".

"It's as if we are all small children and now they are going to look after us. It's meaningless — completely meaningless," she told The Sun.

harry and meghan
Harry and Meghan's statement received a fair bit of criticism. Photo: Getty

TalkRADIO presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer also called out the couple for speaking out about the conflicts, claiming they are telling people "what we are supposed to feel, say and do".

"We'd never have known if it weren't for them being so... y'know... speechless," she said.

The Sussexes lengthy statement was released via the Archewell Foundation website, and calls on followers to support organisations including the World Central Kitchen.

Prince Harry spent a decade in the British Armed forces, serving two tours on the front lines of Afghanistan.

It's not the first time Today host Karl has shared his thoughts on Harry and Meghan.

Only recently he was called out for the way he brutally mocked Meghan's birthday video on the Today show.

Karl Stefanovic had also previously lashed out at Prince Harry over his upcoming tell-all memoir, saying: “It doesn't serve him well to be anti-media and to go and do exclusive deals and write memoirs that invite only more criticism.”

“The poor Queen,” Karl added. “It just goes on and on.”

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