Today Show host hits back over 'disrespectful' porn joke

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Today entertainment host Brooke Boney is being applauded on Instagram after she shut down a fan’s incredibly creepy comment with an epic burn that is sure to leave him stinging for weeks.

The journalist, like many other TV personalities, took to Instagram to lament the missed Logies 2020 with a throwback to last year’s glitz and glamour.

Brooke hit back after a fan left a crass comment on her Instagram post. Photo: Nine

Sharing one snap of her getting he hair and makeup done, and another holding a statue at the event, she made a subtle joke at host Karl Stefanovic’s expense in the post’s caption.

“[I] was really looking forward to being the most sober person on @thetodayshow post-Logies this year...” she wrote, with a hilarious nod to Karl’s infamous 2009 appearance on the Today show following a big night at the award’s.

“Guess I’ll have to wait till 2021.”

The stunning snaps had plenty of fans admiring the brunette beauty, but one fan took it too far with a decidedly on the nose comment at Brooke’s expense.

“What’s her onlyfans?” the user wondered.

OnlyFans is an online members-only site individual can set up and is often used for sharing explicit or pornographic content with paying subscribers.

The comment managed to simultaneously undermine Brooke’s professionalism and sexualise her against her will, and was also offensive to sex workers in using them as a punchline.

Brooke slams ‘disrespectful’ comment

Brooke didn’t shy away from responding to the comment, however, using her trademark blend of humour to shut down the creepy comment.

“My username is showsomerespectdipsh*t,” she responded in possibly the best celebrity response we’ve seen all year.

The hilarious takedown quickly had fans praising the breakfast personality for letting rip at the trolling.

“Oh snap!” one woman wrote.

“See yourself out,” another advised the man.

“Hahaha Nikovic you’ve been owned by the Kamilaroi girl,” another wrote, referring to Brooke’s heritage which saw her become the first Indigenous person ever on a commercial breakfast TV show lineup in 2019.

Brooke has navigated her fair share of online hate since joining Today in 2019. Photo: Nine

Brooke’s razor-sharp response should come as no surprise, with the TV personality becoming an expert in navigating online hate after she discussed the Indigenous Australian perspective on Australia Day, and argued for a date change just weeks into her new role at Today last year her.

In the fallout, Brooke and her family copped serious abuse from viewers online.

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