The Logies' most memorable moments ever

The Logies are Australia TV's night of nights and have been the place of many memorable moments over the years. Photo: Channel Nine

For more than six decades, the TV Week Logies have cemented their place as Australian TV’s night of nights.

But this unmatched success has not come without a - regular - blunder of two from some of the country’s most recognisable faces.

Here, Yahoo Lifestyle has compiled the award show’s all-time most memorable moments ahead of this year’s long-awaited Logies night on Sunday.

Bert Newton’s gaffe-filled speech

He may be one of Australia’s TV treasures, but Bert Newton’s loveable reputation wasn’t enough to save him from criticism after a very questionable speech at the Logies 2018.

When presenting the Graham Kennedy Award for most popular new talent to Dilruk Jayasinha, the star made reference to its late namesake.

Among his quips was the suggestion Kennedy - who was a close friend of Bert’s - mentored young talent ‘behind closed doors’, which had some fans wondering if this was a suggestion of inappropriate behaviour.

The 80-year-old continued to raise eyebrows when he referred to Kennedy as an ‘old p**f’ which is now widely considered to be a homophobic slur.

But Bert was quick to hit back at the criticism, and was adamant his comments came from a place of good fun.

“It was totally innocent as far as I’m concerned… everything these days is jumped upon,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald last year.

Karl Stefanovic slightly worse for wear on Today

Karl Stefanovic's blunder took place in 2009 after he rocked up to the Today set with then co-host Lisa Wilkinson admittedly 'drunk'. Photo: Channel Nine

Perhaps one of the most memorable moments in Logie Awards’ history happened the morning after the show itself— on most of the country’s television screens.

The unforgettable blunder took place in 2009 when Karl Stefanovic rocked up to the Today set with then co-host Lisa Wilkinson still pretty out of it, to say the least.

“Lisa has not slept… and neither has Karl… I’m talking about myself in the third person,” Karl said, continually giggling throughout the entire morning.

A few years later in 2014, Karl admitted in an interview posted to YouTube he was “drunk” during the segment.

“It wasn’t any different to any other year — we all get smashed at the Logies and go to work the next day; we’d done it for years and years,” he explained. “But this was the first Logies when stuff really started working on the internet.

“I remember seeing it on Today Tonight and going, ‘Oh God.’ I really was drunk, or at least I certainly looked and sounded drunk.”

Waleed Aly’s speech about the need for more diversity in Australian television

Waleed Aly dedicated his Gold Logie win to people “with unpronounceable names'. Photo: Channel Nine

In 2016 Waleed Aly dedicated his Gold Logie win to people “with unpronounceable names, like Waleed”.

The Project presenter took his win as an opportunity to promote a worthy cause – a need for change in the Australian television industry in terms of diversity.

“To Dimitri and Mustafa and all the other people with unpronounceable names like Waleed, I want to say one thing: that is that I am incredibly humbled you would even think to invest in me that way,” Waleed said after accepting his award.

“But I’m also incredibly saddened by it, because the truth is you deserve more numerous and more worthy avatars than that.

“I don’t know if and when that’s going to happen but if tonight means anything… that is the Australian public, our audience, as far as they’re concerned there is absolutely no reason that can’t change.”

Julia Morris’ forgetful moment presenting an award

One of Julia Morris’ forgettable moments has become one of the most memorable Logies moments! Photo: Nine

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! host Julia Morris’ forgetful moment at the 2015 Logies happened when she took to the stage to present the Logie Award for Outstanding Entertainment Program.

The presenter was so busy making people laugh with joke after joke, she ended up accidentally revealing the winner of the award, The Voice, before she’d even read out the nominees. Major oops.

Julia joked on Today the next morning that it was all because of Ricky Martin.

Samuel Johnson’s tribute to his sister Connie

Samuel Johnson won best actor for portraying Molly Meldrum and dedicated his speech to his sister Connie. Photo: Channel Nine

Samuel Johnson used his Best Actor acceptance speech - for playing Molly Meldrum in the TV movie Molly - as an opportunity to shed light on the need for more funding into cancer research.

The actor went on to dedicate the award to his sister Connie, who was battling cancer at the time, revealing she had stopped treatment weeks before the 2017 awards show.

Samuel brought the not-for-profit organisation the siblings co-founded to attention,, to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research.

Connie eventually passed away in September of 2017 at the age of 33.

Carrie Bickmore honours late husband in Gold Logie acceptance speech

Carrie Bickmore paid tribute to her late husband Greg, who died of brain cancer, when she took home the Gold Logie. Photo: Channel Nine

Australia’s golden girl of television, Carrie Bickmore, took home the Gold Logie Award in 2015.

Memorably, The Project presenter paid tribute to her late husband Greg Lange, who passed away from brain cancer in 2010.

“After a long, long, long battle he died from brain cancer,” she said in her heartfelt speech.

“Over ten years I watched him suffer multiple seizures a day, lose feeling down one side of his body.”

She described how, when their son Ollie was three years old, he had push his dad around in a wheelchair as Greg was unable to walk.

Praising her late husband for his bravery throughout his battle with brain cancer, Carrie described how he used to wear “a lot of hats”.

She eventually launched Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer and in her speech she encouraged those on television to “whack on a beanie” to raise awareness for brain cancer research.

We can’t wait to see what the Logies have in store this year. We’re sure there will be plenty of moments to add to this list.

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