'Brilliant' $15 toastie hack people are going wild for

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reusable toaster bag making a toasted sandwich in a regular toaster
This reusable bag will make a toasted sandwich in your regular toaster without making a cheesy mess. Photo: Instagram/julianna_claire

A hack to make toasted sandwiches in a regular toaster has been hailed as "brilliant", "amazing" and even "life-changing".

While it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, Instagrammer Julianna_claire shows that with the help of a heat-resistant, reusable toaster bag, it's actually really easy to get the perfect toasted sandwich without spending hours scraping gooey cheese off the inside of your toaster.

In a video shared last week, she shows how she makes a sandwich with cheese, chicken and lettuce, places it in the bag and then into the toaster.


A few minutes later it pops up looking nice and brown and melted - just like magic.

“You don’t need any fancy kitchen appliances or wait for your oven to heat up to make your favourite sandwiches and snacks!” she writes.

“It works on frozen chicken nuggets, fries and pizza rolls too!”

Her followers were amazed with the results, commenting, "I’ve been waiting my whole life for this", "that is life changing", and "What?!!! This is brilliant".

The bags are available on Amazon Australia - although you’ll have to get them shipped over from the US - and have great reviews with shoppers saying these nifty accessories save them from pulling out a sandwich press or heating up their whole oven.

They’re also very portable so you can take one into the office to make a quick and healthy lunch.

Others say they use them to reheat food that would otherwise go soggy in the microwave, like slices of pizza or hot chips.

“These toaster bags are AMAZING,” one person writes, “You can reheat almost anything in the toaster.”

toaster bags for making toasted sandwiches
The bags can also be used to reheat leftovers in the toaster. Photo: Amazon Australia

Another says they’re “super easy to use” and great for lazy people.

Someone with a gluten intolerance says they’re also great as an exclusion bag and they keep her gluten free bread from being cross contaminated by the regular toast the rest of her family uses in the toaster.

This $24 pack of 20 bags has three different sizes to fit a whole range of foods, and comes with enough to share with friends.

They’re made of nonstick fibreglass and food grade Teflon that’s FDA-approved, and they can be washed and reused up to 50 times each.

Another way to reheat

While it’s not as easy as the toaster bag when it comes to making toasted sandwiches, another great way to heat up leftovers that go soggy in the microwave is using an air fryer.

Air fryers have become super popular over the past couple of years with so many of us eating at home and looking for quick and easy ways to make delicious food.

Myer has just started stocking a range of supersized air fryers that can be used to feed a family in one go, rather than having to make food in batches like you would in a regular sized air fryer.

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