It's Time to Say 'Bye Bye Birdie' on the Next 'Resident Alien'

There's only two episodes left before the season finale of Resident Alien. The shortened season only contains eight episodes and there's no word yet if there will be a season 4. The show has been popular on Netflix since the first two seasons debuted on the platform last month. As we head into the next episode, be sure to let SYFY and Netflix know on social media that you want to see season 4 and beyond by using the hashtag #GiveUsRAS4 and tag both networks in your post!

Read on for more about "Bye Bye Birdie," the next episode of Resident Alien and make sure to check out the exclusive sneak peek!

What happened on last week's episode of Resident Alien?

In "Lovebird," Harry (Alan Tudyk) is in bliss after he and Heather (Edi Patterson) become a couple. The two are on full display much to Asta's (Sara Tomko) chagrin, who wishes Harry would remain focused on the task at hand - saving the Earth. She and D'Arcy (Alice Wetterlund) hatch a plan to get him back on track, but will it work?

Meanwhile, Sheriff Mike (Corey Reynolds) and Deputy Liv (Elizabeth Bowen) try to make heads or tails of the book they found in Peter Bach's (Terry O'Quinn) van. When Harry sees the formula in the book he knows it contains an alien compound and takes a few seconds to memorize it. General McCallister (Linda Hamilton) works with David (Alex Barima) to weaponize Peter who somehow survived the riot down in the military bunker.

Kate (Meredith Garretson) questions whether or not she has been abducted by aliens while Max (Judah Prehn) scrambles for a last-minute entry for the school's science fair. He ends up stealing Harry's caldera display including the formula Harry mixed together from the instructions he saw in Peter Bach's book. After Max sets off the compound Harry discovers what it is the Greys want - to change the atmosphere of the Earth so that it is habitable for the Greys, but fatal for most life forms currently living there, including humans. By episode's end, Joseph (Enver Gjokaj) pulls Heather aside and threatens her and the lives of her family if she doesn't help him get Harry's DNA.

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What is this episode of Resident Alien about?

Harry hits rock bottom and writes more poetry to go with it. Kate begins to see what has been lurking under the surface of her consciousness all along. Mike helps Liv overcome her greatest fear.

How can I watch seasons 1 and 2 of Resident Alien?

Netflix subscribers are in luck! The first two seasons of Resident Alien are available to stream! You can also watch on Peacock with a subscription or purchase episodes or full seasons on sites like iTunes, Amazon or Vudu.

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Will there be a season 4 of Resident Alien?

No word yet if SYFY has picked up Resident Alien for a fourth season, but be sure to use the hashtag #GiveUSRAS4 on social media and tag @SYFY and @ResidentAlien in your posts.

Does Parade have a sneak peek from the "Bye Bye Birdie" episode of Resident Alien?

Take a look at this Parade exclusive sneak peek of the "Bye Bye Birdie" episode of Resident Alien below. Don't forget to check out images from the episode in the gallery!

New episodes of Resident Alien premiere Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on SYFY and are available to stream the next day on Peacock or through the SYFY app.

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