TikToker sparks heated debate with viral clip: 'Too young'

The teen mum's TikTok has been viewed over 12.5 million times.

A 16-year-old TikToker has sparked debate after she participated in a viral dance trend with her family. Brooke Morton, who has 1.9 million followers on the platform, has been documenting her journey as a teen mum after falling pregnant at 14.

The video racked up over 12.5 million views and shows the influencer holding her daughter while standing next to her mum. The trio dance to George Ezra’s Green Green Grass as their dates of birth are written above their heads.

L: TikToker Brooke Morton, her daughter and her mum. R: TikToker Brooke Morton putting makeup on
A viral TikTok has divided people online. Photo: TikTok/brookexaloura (TikTok/brookexaloura)

The content creator’s daughter was born in 2021, she was born in 2006, and her mum was born in 1987. Brooke’s mum is roughly 35 years old, making her an extremely young grandmother.

The close range of ages made people do a double take, with many sharing their confusion over their ages.

“I’m 37. Couldn’t imagine having a grandkid yet,” one person wrote.

“My husband was born the same year as your mum and we have a 1-year-old. Crazy!” another added.

“Your mum and I are [the] same age and I don’t even have a kid yet! Ahhh I gotta get moving,” a third admitted.

“The mum and the granddaughter are less apart than me and my mum are,” another commented.


After LadyGang podcaster Jac Vanek stumbled across the TikTok, she told her followers she was having a “hard time digesting” the video.

“I was also born in 1987, so you’re trying to tell me I could be a grandma? I’m just a baby,” she quipped.

Two selfies of Jac Vanek looking confused
Podcaster Jac Vanek reacted to the viral clip on social media. Photo: Instagram/jacvanek (Instagram/jacvanek)

Debate broke out in the comment section, with many saying that it wasn’t a good idea for the influencer to ‘glorify’ teen pregnancy.

“Teen pregnancy is not something to be encouraged,” one person wrote.

“My sister is a 2006 baby, she’s in 10th grade and all she does is draw, read and complain about her teachers. This video is truly wrecking my brain,” another agreed.

“I don’t think I’d be participating in a video jiggling around with my 16 year old and her two year old. Not really a ‘proud mum’ moment in my eyes. (And I was born in ’77),” a third chimed in.

“The girl in the middle was only born two years before me and I still watch cartoons…way too young to be coming a parent, poor girl, poor kid and poor grandma,” another remarked.


However, there were some people who hit back at the negative comments.

“Don’t read the comments and don’t let your mum read too. People are just mean around here. You do you, just live your life and be a great mum,” one person warned Brooke.

“It is a bit sad to be honest, a lot of girls/women in the comments shaming the girl and her mother. Yeah, being a mum as a teenager is not ideal, but it is already done. They are just living their lives,” a second added.

“Literally who cares. It’s not you who had the baby, why do you have to comment on it? [It’s] a choice a lot of people make,” another agreed.

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